policyIQ Overview Training: Follow-up Q&A

The policyIQ team recently held a new policyIQ Overview training session. If you missed this session, you can view it here: policyIQ Overview – Highlighting the Latest Features .

Our participants took full advantage of our Chat feature, and we received a lot of great questions. We’d like to share these questions with you, and also offer some answers, in case you missed them in Chat.


Q: How do I go about converting from policyIQ version 5.7 to the latest version?

A: To schedule your free upgrade to the latest version of policyIQ, contact our Support team at 1-866-753-1231, or by email at support@policyIQ.com.


Q: Does the Search option in Home only include published items?

A: Search results vary in the different modules. In Home, the Search results will be limited to published content.  In the Setup module, on the other hand, the Search results are Users.


Q: What internet browsers does policyIQ support?

A: Currently, policyIQ requires Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 or higher.


Q: Where can I get more information on using the Import tool?

A: You can view the “Importing Content” session offered on-demand on the policyIQ Training page: http://www.policyiq.com/training.asp.

Additionally, the policyIQ Help Guide contains a lot of information on importing. Launch help and navigate to Help Guides -> 3. “How to” by Subject -> Imports.


Q: Is it possible to use policyIQ for Control Self Assessments, even for a large number of respondents?

A: Absolutely! We have clients using policyIQ Forms for assigning Control Self Assessments to large numbers of users. Additionally, our Reporting tool simplifies the process of reporting on the large number of responses. This is a topic your policyIQ Account Manager would be happy to speak with you about!


Q: Can Read-only users respond to policyIQ Forms?

A:  No. Form respondents must be named users (i.e., Standard or Advanced users).


Q: When a policy is checked out to others, can it be checked out to more than one person?

A: No. Only one person can be editing a page at one time.


Q: Are there attachment file size limits?

A: There is a 10 MB limit per upload. However, there is no limit to the number of files that may be attached to a Page in policyIQ.


Q: Do you have to save a Page first prior to sending it on for approval?

A: No. When you are finished working on a Page, you can then send it for approval without a separate “Save” step.  Any time you hand a page off (to a new stage or if you check it out to a different user) the page will be automatically saved before the hand-off takes place.


Q: Who can review pages–just administrators? Or can you set different people as reviewers?

A: There are many ways to set up a review process on Pages in policyIQ.  (The specific permissions that are unique to Page Administrators are that they are the only ones who can decide when the Page should be sent for approval or published, if no approval process is required.)  “Reviewers”  might be Administrators, Approvers, or even Editors on a Page to whom the Page is checked out while the Page is in draft.  For assistance setting up Page Security to meet your preferred review process, contact your account manager or email support@policyIQ.com.


Q: I would like to have the ability to use charts and graphs to show testing results in addition to reports.

A: With version 6.5, we introduced standard charts and graphs for all users.  Stay tuned for more information soon on how to request custom charts and graphs for your organization!


Q: When viewing Pages in the table view, is it possible to view the full folder path of a Page?

A: In version 6.6, you will be able to add the Full Folder Path as a column in Reports and Advanced Searches.


Q: Do you expect in a future release the ability to have two levels of approvals on Forms?

A: We are always adding new features to policyIQ based on the feedback we receive from our users.  In our upcoming 6.6 release, you will be able to designate the approval process on Forms as requiring “All Approvers” to approve an item before it is finalized, along with the existing capability of requiring “Any Approver” to approve it.  We are also adding the ability to have no approval process at all on your forms.

While we can’t commit to any specific features in releases beyond 6.6, we are definitely listening!  Continue to submit all of your requests, questions, suggestions and ideas to us. (For some suggestions on submitting high impact feature requests, check out this blog post.)


Q: Can a vacation request be routed to an individual supervisor, based on the name of the person submitting the request?

A: No.  At this time, policyIQ Forms are not routed to a specific approver based on information entered on the Form.  However, there are a variety of ways to set up a Form and its approvers such that the person submitting the request can choose to whom it should be directed.  For assistance setting up Form security to best accommodate your process, contact your account manager or email support@policyIQ.com.


Thanks again to all who attended our session! Please keep an eye on this blog for information on upcoming trainings. Also, check back here often as we are frequently posting lots of useful information, including tips and tricks!

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