Supercharge your policyIQ experience – tips to make your browser run more smoothly

browser_optionsHave you ever wondered if your policyIQ experience is as smooth as it could be? Some of our users have asked for recommendations on how to optimize their browser’s performance, so we would like to share some tips with you. Here are a few items to consider, to help you ensure your Microsoft Internet Explorer is optimized for using policyIQ.

What version of Internet Explorer are you using?

Go to Help -> About Internet Explorer and take a look. If you’re not at version 7 or higher, consider upgrading. policyIQ will certainly function with Internet Explorer 6, but performs optimally with version 7.

Have you added policyIQ as a trusted site?

This is a big one! In order to maximize your experience, you should definitely have policyIQ in your trusted site list. Go to   Tools -> Internet Options, and then click on the Security tab. Select Trusted Sites, and then click the Sites button. In the field Add this website to the zone, enter your policyIQ site URL (e.g., Then click the Add button and close the window. That’s it!

Wait – turn your Status Bar on!

We’ve discovered that adding policyIQ as a trusted site will hide IE’s Status Bar in policyIQ. We recommend turning the Status Bar on, as it will help give you a clearer picture of your browser’s progress when it’s performing an action. Go to Tools -> Internet Options, and then click on the Security tab. In the section Security level for this zone, click on the Custom level button. Find the option Allow websites to open windows without address or status bars and disable it. (Note that in IE 6, this option is titled Allow script-initiated windows without size or position constraints.)

Allow policyIQ pop-ups!

Some items in policyIQ are displayed as pop-ups, so you’ll want to add policyIQ as an allowed pop-up site. You can do this by going to Tools -> Pop-up Blocker>Pop-up Blocker Settings. Note that if you are using other pop-up blockers such as Google Toolbar, you’ll need to disable them or allow pop-ups from them separately.

Does your browser look for updated versions of stored pages?

Internet Explorer stores copies of web pages in order to allow quicker viewing on subsequent visits. In order to ensure you’re viewing the latest version of content, you’ll want to ensure IE is looking for the latest version of your pages. From Tools -> Internet Options, look at the Browsing history section and click Settings. Under the option for Check for newer versions of stored pages, make sure Automatically is checked.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your policyIQ experience is as smooth and productive as it can possibly be. If you’d like to discuss any of these recommendations or any other questions you may have, contact our Support team by email at, or call us toll-free at 1.866.753.1231.

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Stacey is the Client Success Manager for policyIQ. She has a very strong background in sales and operations with over 20 years in the communications sales industry. Not only does she bring this knowledge and background to the team, but a love of theatre, fun hair and just the need for a daily dose of laughter.

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