Perform policyIQ User Maintenance to manage access and costs

There are a number of items we recommend policyIQ Site Administrators keep an eye on from time to time, in order to stay on top of your policyIQ site. Performing periodic user maintenance is one of these recommended steps.

The benefits of a periodic review

When was the last time you had an overview of the users in your site? Consider these questions:

  • Do you have any users in your site who have left your company?
  • Do you have users who have moved into different roles in your organization and no longer work in your policyIQ site?
  • Do you have users who have moved to a different location or team, but their policyIQ profile hasn’t been updated to reflect those changes?
  • Do you have too many Site Administrators or users with Roles that give them more access than necessary?

Checking in on the overall status of your users is a good idea for both security purposes and costs. You want to be sure that your users are in the right Groups and have access to all of the necessary information.  If there are users who are no longer with the company, you want to be sure that they can no longer access your policyIQ site.  And of course, you can save your organization money by removing those user accounts!

Use Reports to get a full picture of your users user_report_60

A good starting point for getting an overview of your users is to create a report that will give you that information. In the Reports module, simply create a new user report. You don’t have to add any filters for this report, but you may want to make some column selections.

Columns: By default, your new report will include column selections for First Name, Last Name and Email Address. Consider adding Groups, Account Type and Role as result columns – these are both located under the Security category. Under the Changed category, go ahead and add Last Log On.

When you run this report, you’re going to get some really useful information regarding the users in your site. Sort by Last Log On and see if you have users who have not been in the site for years. Maybe they’re good candidates for removal? As a Site Administrator, you have the ability to remove users. You’ll even be able to delete the user right there from the results table!

It’s also a good idea to review the Groups your Users belong to. Do you have someone in an Approval group, but they no longer have those responsibilities? Move them out of the group. Don’t worry – this won’t delete them from your site!  Has the user moved to a new department or a new location?  You’re able to make updates to their Groups directly from your report.

Consider whether your users have the appropriate Role. Do you have too many users in Site Administrator roles? Site Administrators have access to all content and all configuration items. Maybe some of these users should only be given local rights to administer specific Groups, Folders, Templates or content.

Your account manager is available to discuss other user maintenance tips with you. Give them a call, or send an email to and ask for more info!

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