Account Reconciliations: One Form Template or Multiple?

This month, you’ll notice us talking quite a bit about how policyIQ’s Forms Management feature can simplify a number of common, manual processes. We’re specifically highlighting our solution for the Account Reconciliation process in a live solution-focused training session on Tuesday, July 27, which you can register for here.

If you’re considering implementing policyIQ Forms to manage your Account Reconciliation process, there are some things you’ll want to sketch out before you get started. One of the items you’ll want to consider is whether you should use one common Account Reconciliation Form Template or multiple Form Templates. To determine this, ask yourself, “Do my account reconciliations have unique reviewers?”

So which choice is best for me?

Here are some general guidelines that should help you answer this question.

Single Form Template approach:

  • You have a single reviewer who reviews and approves all Account Reconciliation Forms.
  • You have multiple reviewers, but any one of those reviewers can review and approve any submitted Account Reconciliation Form.

Multiple Form Template approach:

  • You have unique reviewers responsible for reviewing and approving specific accounts, and you’d like to make the process as uncomplicated as possible for your reconcilers.

Creating a single Form Template for all Account Reconciliations:

If this option fits your reconciliation process, you’ll find that it’s the easiest path to take. You’ll create a single group for your reviewers, which will include all of the users who will be reviewing the submitted Account Reconciliation Forms. Then, you’ll add this Group to the Approvers field on your Form Template’s Security tab. (If you have a single reviewer for all of your Account Reconciliations, you’ll simply add that user to this field.)


Your setup and maintenance will be easier, as you’ll only ever need to update this single Form Template should there ever be any adjustments to your process. Additionally, your reporting will be easier and the report output will be more manageable, as you’ll be working with a single Form Template.

Just keep in mind that this approach requires a little bit of extra work if you have unique reviewers that are responsible for specific Account Reconciliations. In this case, you’ll need to train your reconcilers to use policyIQ functionality to notify the correct reviewer when they submit their Forms.

Creating multiple Form Templates – one for each Reviewer:

Your other option is to create one Account Reconciliation Form Template for each of your reviewers. With this approach, you’ll add those individual reviewers to the Approvers field on each Form Template.


This option makes the submission process easier for your reconcilers. When they submit their Form, you know that it will be routed directly to the appropriate reviewer. The reconciler doesn’t need to do anything beyond clicking the Submit button. Additionally, your reviewers never need to be concerned about whether they’re reviewing the appropriate Forms. They will never see Forms for other reviewers’ accounts, as could potentially happen in the first option we discussed above.

But note that there will be more overall maintenance required with this approach. Any changes to your process (including shifting reviewer responsibilities) would require updates to multiple Form Templates. Your overall reporting will also be a bit more complicated to manage. Instead of selecting from a single set of fields, you’re going to need to select from the set of fields on each of your reviewer-specific Form Templates.

To learn more about using policyIQ to manage your Account Reconciliation process, take a look at the Account Reconciliation chapter in the policyIQ Help Guide. And don’t forget that your policyIQ Account Manager would be happy to discuss this topic with you and make recommendations based on your process. Contact us any time at!

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