Keep open lines of communication with policyIQ Support!

Have you ever gotten stumped while working in policyIQ? Are you convinced there must be an easier way to go about a certain task, but you just don’t know how? Maybe you can’t understand why a Page isn’t visible to a user you would expect it to be, or you don’t know why a Report isn’t returning some of the results you’d expect. Well don’t just brush those questions aside – give us a call!

Our support team is eager to hear from you and assist you with whatever needs you may have. If you have a problem or a question, chances are our support team has addressed it multiple times in the past, and we’d be able to get you on the right track in no time!

Reasons to contact support?

Perhaps everything’s going perfectly for you in policyIQ and you’ve had no reason to call our support team. Great! However, there are still a few things the support team may be able to help you with.

RSS/Syndication Features

Would you like to use policyIQ’s RSS features? You can learn about these features by watching our training videos on Syndicating content and subscribing to RSS feeds. To gain access to this functionality, though, you’ll first need to contact the support team and ask them to enable the feature in your site.

Site Cleanup

Do you have content that is no longer in use and could be removed from your site?  Our support team can walk you through the best way to clean up this content, including using archiving options like Snapshots to ensure that the data is accessible in the future.  This exercise has benefits beyond keeping your content current, as our support team might also be able to reduce your overall database size post-cleanup!

Importing Content

Our Import tool lets you upload large amounts of content to your site. So instead of adding 100 new Policy pages one at a time, use the Import tool to perform a quick bulk upload. Our recorded training covers this topic, and there’s also a wealth of information (including the blank upload spreadsheet) available in the policyIQ Help guide. But you still might benefit from a quick chat with the support team before you get started. They have a number of tips and tricks they can share that will make your import run smoothly, and they’d even be willing to proofread your import spreadsheet.

So what’s the best way to contact policyIQ support?

The quickest and best way to contact the support team is through your policyIQ Help guide. Just click on “Help” in the top right corner of any screen.  When the Help window opens, click on the Submit a Support Question link.


When the Submit a Support Window opens, it will be pre-populated with some information about you.


Fill in some more details for us, such as a title for your question and some details about the issue you’re contacting us about. Be sure to provide as many details as you can.

  • Where were you in your policyIQ site?
  • What were the series of clicks you followed to get to that point?
  • How was your issue different from your expected result?

With this information, we’ll be able to more quickly pinpoint your issue and start troubleshooting!

Once you’ve done that, a member of the support team will get back in touch with you in short order.

Can I call?

Absolutely! The policyIQ support team is available to take your calls between 8 am and 8 pm ET, Monday – Friday. Just give us a call on our toll-free number: 1-866-753-1231.

And finally, don’t forget that you can also email us at any time at

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About Stacey Zearott

Stacey is the Client Success Manager for policyIQ. She has a very strong background in sales and operations with over 20 years in the communications sales industry. Not only does she bring this knowledge and background to the team, but a love of theatre, fun hair and just the need for a daily dose of laughter.

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