Wrapping up August with Introduction of Custom Alerts!

Thank you to those of you who joined us for our recent CPE session where we highlighted the use of policyIQ for Contract Management and took the opportunity to introduce a highly anticipated new policyIQ feature: Custom Alerts. As we wrap up our month of focusing on communication practices and features, we’re very excited to be able to bring you this powerful functionality!

policyIQ users of all types have come to rely on policyIQ Reports to help them oversee and stay on top of their priorities and deliverables. For example, they might create a report of all Pages within a certain department or process that are due for review (expiring) within the next 30 days. While using Reports to stay on top of deliverables is certainly helpful, the process is still a bit manual.

With the new Custom Alerts feature, Page Administrators can bring some automation to this work by alerting virtually anyone (themselves, their supervisor, a stakeholder in another department, or even a vendor or customer that does not have access to their policyIQ site) in real time that a milestone has not been met as scheduled or a review date is coming up. These alerts can be set up on all policyIQ field types other than text fields (Rich HTML Text and Short Text fields), so the number and variety of possible alerts is limited only by your imagination.


This feature lends itself to those solutions that involve tracking and compliance with a number of deliverables—so we naturally thought of Contract Management as the solution to showcase this new feature. Still, it has its applications across nearly every solution!  (Keep an eye on our blog in September as we explore how Custom Alerts add value to many solutions.)

Why use policyIQ for Contract Management?

policyIQ provides key features and functionality that help organizations to better secure, manage and automate many parts of the contract management process—at a fraction of the cost of dedicated contract management tools! Below are some examples of policyIQ features that serve organizations’ contract management needs:

  • User-friendly interface allowing employees from various backgrounds to build an easily reportable and searchable library of contracts
  • File scanning and attachment capability for your formal contracts/documents
  • Take advantage of customizable Templates and Template Fields to track desired variables:
    • Contract Terms
    • Milestones
    • Reporting Dates
    • Renewal Dates
    • Currency related information
  • Secure contract information (while providing centralized access and version control, manage visibility and write capability)
  • More easily monitor, comply with and renew contracts with Reports and Custom Alerts

Contract Templates

While the policyIQ team does not yet provide pre-defined templates for tracking data related to specific types of contracts, policyIQ does allow you to customize your own policyIQ Templates—as many Templates as you’d like, with as many Fields as you’d like to capture and track the variables that are most important to your organization.

Within policyIQ’s Templates, keep in mind that the application allows you to specify which users should have access to create certain types of content and to route it to the appropriate users who must review and approve the content. You are also able to require that certain Fields be complete before a Page can be published and you’re able to “lock down” Fields so that they cannot be changed while the content is published.

Consider how Custom Alerts may facilitate your Contract Management process


If your process follows the typical phases of contract creation, negotiation, monitoring, compliance and renewal (re-negotiation), then you’ll find that policyIQ’s Custom Alerts can be used to help throughout the process to keep team members aware and on task! Here are some examples:

  • Monitoring
    • Send an alert regarding a workflow change (i.e. a new contract was approved)
    • Alert if the contract obligation is over a pre-determined dollar amount
  • Compliance
    • Alert Operations management if a milestone was/was not met
    • Alert account managers and operations managers that a reporting date is approaching
  • Renewal
    • Alert procurement, sales, and partner that a contract expiration date is approaching

Some other highlights related to Custom Alerts in policyIQ:

If you already have some ideas on how to use Custom Alerts within your current policyIQ content, you can add alerts “in bulk”. Simply run a report of Pages that share the Field to which you’d like to add an alert and select the appropriate option from the Edit menu in the Reports module.

You can send alerts to people that do not have access to your policyIQ site! You will simply add the person’s email address rather than selecting the individual from among your policyIQ users. Of course, if sending an alert to someone who is not a policyIQ user, you’ll want to send him a “copy” of the policyIQ Page rather than a link into policyIQ.

If you choose to send a link as a part of your email alert to a policyIQ user, the link that they click within their email message will take the user directly to the related policyIQ Page.

Multiple alerts relating to multiple fields can be sent to multiple people for each page—consider the possibilities!

Let’s brainstorm together!

We would be happy to discuss your needs and explore options for how policyIQ might serve you in the area of Contract Management and with Custom Alerts. Please contact us to set up a time to chat.

For more informaton related specifically to the recent Contract Management training session, such as the presentation slides and the link to the recording, check out the related Help section in policyIQ.

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Stephenie is the “solutions” expert on the policyIQ team. With RGP since 2004, she designs and develops solutions that capitalize on the best practices of the hundreds of companies that she has touched, while tailoring each configuration to meet the unique needs of each client. Before joining RGP and the policyIQ team, Stephenie enjoyed working as an independent consultant in the non-profit sector. Stephenie also previously performed analyst services for a major brewer ranging from roles in biological and chemical services to analytical roles in business process improvement and innovation. Stephenie quips that she still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up, but hopes to spend her days helping others (companies, individuals, and communities) to realize their full potential.

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