Keeping tabs on all of Your Deliverables and Responsibilities

IT Manager, Human Resources Generalist, Accountant, Ops Supervisor, EH&S Director…no matter your role in your organization, you have to stay on top of your deliverables and monitor the outputs and outcomes of your team at some level.

Do you have a trick for staying on top of it all without overlooking anything? If so, let us all know what that is!! I’m not satisfied with my Outlook Tasks, my color-coded notes and calendar items, my special “to do” folders and on and on. One tool that comes in very handy is real-time reporting in policyIQ. If I have procedures to review and update, project dates coming up, tasks that need to be completed and so on, I can set up a handful of reports in policyIQ that I can run on a weekly basis to help me keep track of those things that I need to focus on sooner rather than later.

If you’re not yet using policyIQ to help you with oversight of your various tasks and deliverables, you should probably stay tuned and see how you can take advantage of these simple tools at your fingertips!

Don’t let anything sneak past you — “Change” reports.

Remember those Ginsu commercials? (“How’s that for a clever cleaver?”) Well, at the risk of sounding like a Ginsu commercial, I can’t say enough about the power of policyIQ’s Change report filters. And when you pair them with other types of report filters, there’s almost an endless supply of tools to help you watch over your work.

    • Use Any Change to create a report of Process Narratives that have changed in the last quarter.
    • Use the Item Field Changed filter to see if any of your customers was changed from Low to High Risk or to see if any procedures were changed from “as needed” to something more regular, like “weekly”.
    • Check to see if an Attachment [was] Added to any Project Proposals.

Wait, there’s more!

    • Was the Approval Withheld on any pending Contracts?
    • Have your testers Checked In their tests for review?

And these are just 5 of 29 different Change Report options!

Have a few extra minutes between meetings? Plan ahead for work on “Expired Pages”.

1-Expiration-DateWithin the “Dates” filter option and Expiration Date filter drop down choice, look into which Pages that you or your team members are responsible for that are set to expire in the Next 30 Days. You can identify those Pages that do not require changes and “Renew Expiration” in bulk. You can also Check Out Pages directly from the report results and make necessary changes to your Pages before republishing.

You could filter your report on those Pages that expired On or Before the first of this month and follow up with those Administrators who have not yet updated or renewed the Expiration Date on their Pages.

1-StagesWhere are our Test Pages in the review and approval process?

Not only can you use Template Field filters to zero in on Test Pages with a status of “In Progress” (if you have this Field and Choice added to your Test Template), but you could also filter your results on those Pages that are still in development; Checked Out To Me, Checked Out To Others, or Available for Checkout.

In what stage of review are your Pages? To whom are the Pages checked out to at this time? Does it seem that the Approval process is stalled? Do you need to make adjustments to your workflow to keep the process moving efficiently? Explore Stages filters to streamline your workflow.

Not your home-grown repository. Take advantage of reporting options!

1-all-page-filtersWe have used all kinds of methods to track our documents and processes, procedures and specifications, deliverables and tasks, to do’s and “watch outs”. While some repositories have a search feature, few hold a candle to the multi-filter capability, ability to customize the columns in your output and several viewing (and exporting) options of policyIQ Reports. Take a few minutes to explore your Reports module and discover the might of the numerous filtering options! (Did I lie that on too thick? Really, you just can’t believe how much information is at your fingertips! ) Let us know if we can help you to slice and dice your data and help you to stay on top of your deliverables.

If you’re still feeling like you don’t know what you don’t know about Reports, join us for our upcoming CPE training session where we’ll travel around the Reports module and see what’s in it for you!

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About Stephenie Buehrle

Stephenie is the “solutions” expert on the policyIQ team. With RGP since 2004, she designs and develops solutions that capitalize on the best practices of the hundreds of companies that she has touched, while tailoring each configuration to meet the unique needs of each client. Before joining RGP and the policyIQ team, Stephenie enjoyed working as an independent consultant in the non-profit sector. Stephenie also previously performed analyst services for a major brewer ranging from roles in biological and chemical services to analytical roles in business process improvement and innovation. Stephenie quips that she still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up, but hopes to spend her days helping others (companies, individuals, and communities) to realize their full potential.

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