Effective and Efficient Project Management in policyIQ – A Wrap-Up on a month of Project Management

This month’s CPE event last week was a fun one to host.  Our team presented a Project Management solution in policyIQ for the first time – and we had a great audience made up of experienced users, brand new prospective users, and Resources Global consultants with different perspectives to offer on project management.

A Practical Approach to Project Management

While there are plenty of learning opportunities out there for formal project management theory, we wanted to take a practical approach to our solution.  policyIQ’s strengths lie in the ability to organize the documentation, decisions, tasks and issues that are involved in a project.  To make the most of these strengths, we started by breaking down our project into major Milestones, and the Tasks that made up each one.  Taking advantage of the linking capability, we document the Issues we encounter and link those to all of the Tasks that are ultimately affected.


We focused a great deal on the reports that you may use to track your project’s status – such as a list of Overdue Tasks, a matrix outline the entire project from Milestones to Issues, or an Issue Log that detailed the severity and impact of the open issues.

You all had some great questions!

During the one hour session, we had some great questions that we wanted to be sure to answer here for the benefit of anyone who may not have been able to attend.

Q: Can the user show the flow chart of the project right within the page?

A: Yes – The user may either attach a flow chart (an image file, Visio file, or any file type) as a file attachment, or embed an image into the page itself.

Q: Can you send an alert to everyone impacted by a change on a page? 

A: Yes, policyIQ’s new “Custom Alerts” feature will allow you to create an Alert on a page that will notify the relevant users that you identify if changes are made.

Q: Does this solution have a way to handle a request for project changes, e.g. additional scope?

A:  A project team can certainly set up a process in policyIQ to collect requests for project changes or scope adjustments.  This might be a Form that is created, or may be an additional Page Template.  If changes are made, it is important to note that policyIQ does not automatically adjust dates on subsequent tasks.  Task dates do need to be updated individually, if the scope of the project is updated.

Q: Can policyIQ manage dependencies across tasks?

A: It is possible to link Tasks together to indicate that one task is dependent on another.  You may even have a field on the Task Template that asks for “dependent Tasks” to be defined.  However, it is most important to note that Task dates are not automatically updated if a preceding Task has a date adjustment.  While linked, Tasks are independent and not updated based on those relationships.

For this reason, some project managers may continue to use a product like MS Project to manage the overall project plan and dates – while using policyIQ to track documentation, Issues, Deliverables, Decisions and all of the information that is generated as a result of a project.

Q: How can I run a report that shows me all of my past-due tasks?

A: A report of Overdue Tasks is going to be a very common report created by project managers or team members.  Using filters on your Task pages, you can create a list of all Tasks where the Status IS NOT “Complete”, and the Due Date is in the past.  If you want to see only Tasks that you are responsible for, add an additional filter for those where the Task Owner contains your name.

Q: How can people use the syndicate feature with project management?

A: policyIQ allows you to create an RSS Feed to “syndicate” content from policyIQ and push it out to any program that reads RSS Feeds.  (Email programs, SharePoint, Internet Explorer, or any number of other “feed readers”.)  RSS Feeds might be created to distribute Deliverables to Executive Teams as they are completed, push Meeting Minutes to all team members each week, or to send Status Reports to your management level.

Q: Can policyIQ produce a visual representation like a Gantt chart?

A: No, policyIQ does not have a Gantt chart view.  Some project managers may continue to use a product like MS Project to manage the overall project plan and dates – with a Gantt chart option – while using policyIQ to track documentation, Issues, Deliverables, Decisions and all of the information that is generated as a result of a project.

Find more information online and in our Help Guide

If you weren’t able to attend the training session, don’t fret!  There are lots of ways that you can get caught up on Project Management in policyIQ.

Recording:  We have the recording of last Thursday’s session available now on our policyIQ Training page.

Help Guide: Check out the solution manual in your online Help guide.

Ask us!  Our team is happy to help you think about the ways that policyIQ might work for your project team.  Email us or give us a call and we’ll be happy to work with you.

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