New Year, New Resolutions

fireworksAnother year has passed and a new year has begun, a time when we reflect on the past and decide what changes we want to make for our future. We make a commitment to a personal goal, or a New Year’s resolution.  Common resolutions are things like lose weight, quit smoking, save money, get organized, or learn something new.

I’ll admit up until a few years ago, I was not one of those people that made New Year’s resolutions.  I always thought they were silly because most people failed at achieving those goals.  I’m really not sure what made me change my mind, but in 2007 I set my first New Year’s resolution and stuck to it. My resolution was to quit smoking and I’m happy to report that I haven’t touched a cigarette in 4 years! I’ve made resolutions every year since then and can say that I have achieved them all.

The keys to setting your resolution, just like setting any goal, are to a) be realistic and b) have a plan on how to achieve them.

Similar to individuals, companies set resolutions or goals at the beginning of their fiscal year. Your organization probably has goals such as achieving a specific revenue number, launching a new product, or providing excellent customer service. In 2011, the policyIQ has a number of goals for our team, our business and our customers, and we’re happy to share some of those “New Year’s Resolutions”.  2011

  • We resolve to bring you new solutions in policyIQ – expanding the ways that you can use policyIQ to gain efficiencies throughout your business.
  • We resolve to continue to add new features to the policyIQ application that allow you to work more efficiently and that improve your user experience.
  • We resolve to provide unmatched customer support to every customer, partnering with you to build quality solutions with policyIQ.
  • And we resolve to continue helping you solve problems and meet business needs with technology.

Wondering what my personal resolution is this year? I will admit that I am a bit of a picky eater and stubborn at times, so this year I have decided to be more open to trying new things.  It’s only January 6th and I’ve already tried something new – shrimp! That’s right, shrimp. I’m the girl who doesn’t eat any seafood and I ate a piece of shrimp!

What’s your resolution? Share it with us in the comments.

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About Stacey Zearott

Stacey is the Client Success Manager for policyIQ. She has a very strong background in sales and operations with over 20 years in the communications sales industry. Not only does she bring this knowledge and background to the team, but a love of theatre, fun hair and just the need for a daily dose of laughter.

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