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One of our support team’s goals for 2011 is to ensure that all clients are aware of the archiving options that we provide, and to make sure that your data retention needs are being met.  Depending upon your usage of policyIQ, you may have different guidelines for how much content needs to be stored in the site, or retained from prior years.  A good activity to undertake each year is to remove any legacy content within your site that no longer needs to be accessed with any regularity, and might be utilizing storage space that you could free up for new content.  Before undertaking any clean-up activities, and permanently deleting any content in your site, you might want to review the options below.

Database Snapshots

One option that we hope all clients take advantage of regardless of usage is database Snapshots.  A Snapshot is a backup of your database that we retain for as long as you remain a client.  A Snapshot is typically captured at a milestone date, such as a quarter or period end, or perhaps at the end of a testing cycle.

snapshotsSnapshots capture a point in time within your database, and since they’re never purged, we’re able to restore them to a second site so that you can view that data if necessary.  You also may have an audit control or requirement that requires a local backup of your data on hand. We can provide Snapshots to you via a password protected download folder, allowing you to store the data locally.  You’re free to capture up to five Snapshots per year via the Tools & Settings > Snapshots area of policyIQ.

HTML Extracts

Since a Snapshot is essentially a SQL backup file, it’s not something that you could inherently load on your desktop, but rather needs to be restored to a policyIQ site in order to be accessed.  If your retention strategy requires immediate access to the data you plan to archive, then perhaps an HTML Extract is right for you.

An HTML Extract creates HTML documents from your Pages, Files, and Web Links, and is delivered to you on a DVD.  These HTML files would be organized by your current Folder structure when unzipped to your machine, and would likely open into your default browser.  An HTML Page file includes all field data, and also any uploaded file attachments which are clickable and launch directly off of the HTML version of your content.  Only the current version of your content would be extracted into HTML files, so your Version History data is not included.

However, if you captured prior Snapshots of your data, we’re able to restore and Extract this material for you as well.  This is yet another reason why Snapshots can be helpful to your long-term data retention plans.  HTML Extracts do require a flat professional services fee, but the benefit of having a clickable version of your archived data is priceless!

Support Can Help!

Whether you have deleted a large volume of content in your site and would like our support team to compress your database, or would like to learn more about the processes above, please contact our support team (support@policyIQ.com) with your archiving questions.

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