Patrick Ross: A Valuable Asset to any Organization

rgp_logoThroughout my career, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of great people – and every once in a while you get to work with one of those rare individuals who is such a valuable asset that you wish that you got to work with them on every project you were given.  At Resources Global Professionals, we are surrounded with an entire company of those “rare” individuals – and we love taking some time to highlight our stellar colleagues!  For the policyIQ team one of those people is Patrick Ross, a Resources Consultant, who has worked directly with 8 policyIQ implementations over the course of his tenure with Resources.

What makes Patrick “Resources’ material”?

Patrick is sincerely committed to making his clients successful.  When helping with a policyIQ implementation, he’s able to visualize solutions in the product – and he understands how to utilize the technology and optimize the process to make it most efficient for the people involved.   I asked some of my colleagues to describe, in one word, what they thought of Patrick. Here is what they had to say:

  • Sharp (highly intelligent, astute)
  • Persistent (he doesn’t give up on finding the right solution)
  • Committed (to finding an answer, to his clients, to Resources)

I recently had a chance to talk with Patrick to learn a little bit more about his background and the different types of engagements he works on. I thought I would share some of our conversation with all of you:

About Patrick

Tell me a little bit about yourself
“Prior to joining Resources, I was Regional Controller at American Golf Corporation and before that I was an Internal Audit Senior Manager and a Tax Manager at Allen, Ross, & Company, CPA’s (formerly Grant Thornton, LLP).   My top three areas of expertise are Tax, SEC Reporting and Sarbanes-Oxley.  In my spare time, I enjoy running on the beach and playing golf.”

What made you to decide to join Resources Global Professionals?
“Joni Noel. During my job search in 1999, I had met with Joni, who was the Client Service Director for the Denver office at the time*, and I discussed with Joni what Resources had to offer.  Several weeks later I called Joni and told her that I had received an offer from a large CPA firm but wasn’t sure I really wanted to go back into public accounting.  She asked me when I needed to formally accept the offer by; I told her I had ten days to decide.   Joni said, “Give me five days.”  Wouldn’t you know, five days later I received a phone call from Joni with an engagement/project offer at a great client.  I have never looked back and know that I made the best possible decision for my personal and professional growth and advancement.
* Joni Noel is currently the Regional Managing Director for the Southern California area

We’re big fans of Joni and her energy, too – but is that the only reason you came on board?
“I really liked the business model that Resources offers its consultants (the ability to consult when I want to and choose which assignments I want) as well as the variety of engagements that are available.   I’ve been a Resources Consultant now for 11 years and have worked on a countless number of engagements* and have really enjoyed being able to meet and network with new clients and new people on a continual basis.”
* He really has worked on so many different engagements that he honestly can’t remember the exact number!

Is there a specific engagement that you really think highlighted the best of your skill set?
“I was recently engaged at a Northern California provider of solar energy systems.  An audit of the organization identified some control weaknesses, and Resources consultants were brought in to work through business process engineering and control weakness remediation so that there will be no material weaknesses.  Because of the experience of myself and my colleague – as well as the support and vast experience of our client service team – Resources consultants were selected over several other major consulting firms to provide the much needed process improvements.”

Tell me a little bit about what you are doing on your current engagement
“I am currently engaged at a $4 billion private door and window company. I am working on a team of 14 consultants (7 from Resources) on a first year SOX readiness initiative. I am personally assigned to work on the global tax documentation for worldwide (offices in North America, EMEA and Asia Pac) tax provisions and compliance.”

OK, enough about you, let’s talk about policyIQ!

Having worked on 8 policyIQ implementations, do you have any advice or tips for other organizations using policyIQ?
“Be sure to get executive management team buy-in. Identify an internal champion (to promote the use of policyIQ across the organization). Most importantly, once you are fully implemented, be sure to properly train the rest of the users at your organization so that they are comfortable with using policyIQ.”

What are some of your favorite new features or improvements you’ve seen in policyIQ over the years?
“My two favorites would be the ability for users to import (content) on their own and the enhancements made to the workflow.”

Anything else you would like to share about policyIQ?
“I’ve worked with almost every member on the policyIQ team (sales, configuration, training, help desk, etc) and continue to be impressed with the 5 star support every member of their team offers to each and every one of their customers.”
* Please note that in no way was Patrick compensated for this compliment!

Some of you may be wondering “how do I get my own Patrick?”  I can’t guarantee that you will get Patrick (however great he may be, he can’t work more than 24 hours*a day!) but there are over 2,700 consultants like Patrick out there waiting to add value to your business initiatives.  Resources Consultants are experienced problem solvers who average 20-years experience in fields including finance and accounting, human capital, information management, internal audit, legal and supply chain.  Whether you need some help implementing a new process like Contract Management in policyIQ or you need an experienced CFO to step in on a temporary basis, Resources Global Professionals can find the right fit.  Contact us and we’ll get you in touch with your local office of Resources Global Professionals.
* 24 hours might be pushing even Patrick’s limits.

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