Streamline your EH&S Program and Documentation

How do I streamline my EH&S program and documentation?

Okay, no secret here: I am going to say, “Manage it in policyIQ”! But let’s talk more practically about where the rubber meets the road.

While I am no Environmental Engineer or Safety Specialist, I do have more than a little experience streamlining processes and organizing information, which could prove useful for your Environmental, Health and Safety program and documentation efforts.

First, let’s talk about the content that really is EH&S-specific.

Do you currently maintain some type of EH&S Manual—maybe it’s still in hardcopy form or you might have it documented in Word? You likely have a set of EH&S policies, legal requirements, objectives and targets, training manuals, safety manuals, emergency planning and response documentation, and your plan for documenting incidents and corrective action plans, to name some of the biggies.

Then, like most compliance and audit programs…

You also have documentation related to your risk assessment, control procedures, audit documentation, as well as compliance checklists, self-assessments and certification forms.

Your policyIQ implementation utilizes practices similar to the typical P&P and Financial Compliance initiatives

Combined, your EH&S configuration might look something like this in policyIQ:



Streamline your EH&S Program

Cut hassle, time and cost from your EH&S program by consolidating documentation in one user-friendly environment with centralized access. You don’t have to worry about the integrity of information that is shared once version control is realized. Use policyIQ to formalize and capture your approval process. AND you can get started almost immediately with policyIQ’s ability to import requirements and regulations.

Let us do it for you!

You can get started today by following the configuration example above. If you’re strapped for time or manpower, you can contact us and we’ll put you in touch with a professional in your area who can get to work on your EH&S program and policyIQ implementation. Or, you can contract with the policyIQ Support team to simply help with the EH&S Setup in your policyIQ site. In any case, unless you would rather spend a mint on a dedicated EH&S management product, there’s no good reason to hold off on streamlining your EH&S program using policyIQ today!

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About Stephenie Buehrle

Stephenie is the “solutions” expert on the policyIQ team. With RGP since 2004, she designs and develops solutions that capitalize on the best practices of the hundreds of companies that she has touched, while tailoring each configuration to meet the unique needs of each client. Before joining RGP and the policyIQ team, Stephenie enjoyed working as an independent consultant in the non-profit sector. Stephenie also previously performed analyst services for a major brewer ranging from roles in biological and chemical services to analytical roles in business process improvement and innovation. Stephenie quips that she still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up, but hopes to spend her days helping others (companies, individuals, and communities) to realize their full potential.

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