Every compliance effort demands training. Are you managing that training effectively?

All month we’ve been bringing you ideas for how you can manage your compliance efforts across your entire business in policyIQ.  As I started to dig into writing this last blog post for February – intended to be an overview of the Anti-Money Laundering Legislation and how you can also integrate these compliance efforts – I kept coming back to a quote in our very first blog post this month:  “…compliance initiatives across all industries are really similar from a content management perspective…”

That’s certainly not to say that each compliance program doesn’t have its own unique aspects – different reporting requirements, different objectives, different thresholds and different areas of focus.  But I’m not an expert in any one compliance program – my expertise lies in how to manage compliance programs in an automated and integrated way.  And that’s not different.

In other words, writing about Anti-Money Laundering compliance was going to be really boring.

Another way compliance efforts aren’t different?  Training employees is a key to success!

computerbasedlearningAs I have researched several different regulatory requirements this month,  I keep stumbling across a strong focus on “training” as a part of the compliance program.  We’re not talking about training your policyIQ users or training your Internal Audit staff – we’re talking about training your company’s employees to understand and comply with the regulations and internal controls.

How are you going about distributing and tracking that training?

It’s very likely that you have a mix of training methods, depending on the requirements of any given regulation.  Some may require that you do in person or on-site training with employees on a semi-annual basis, while others require that you simply provide the information and track in some way that employees have read it.  Not only do you require a strong training program, but you have to be able to prove that you have a strong training program to your auditors.   And policyIQ can help!

  • Use policyIQ to make critical company policies, procedures, controls and documentation available to all employees!By publishing your critical content in policyIQ, you can make it available to all employees online with free read-only access. You know that your audience is viewing the most recent version of the documentation – and you can even send emails with links directly to specific policies. All documentation is then centrally located with an audit trail of changes and a full version history.
  • Use policyIQ Forms to gather sign-offs on key policies or controls from relevant employees.

    For those compliance programs that require a step further, you can use policyIQ Forms to create sign-offs – requiring specific employees to sign off on a policy or control on a regular basis. You can even go beyond sign-offs and set up “test” questions that further confirm that the individual has actually read and understood the content.You then have a full trail of those sign-offs in policyIQ, which can be audited as necessary to prove that you have a regular program in place. While you do pay for Standard User licenses for all users who provide their sign-off – the licensing costs are a small price to pay for the peace of mind that your training program is fully documented and auditable.
  • Use the Import function to import a spreadsheet of training attendees and key pieces of information for audit purposes.If you do need conduct live training, you can still use policyIQ as the central place to collect attendance records. Create a Template to track key pieces of information, such as attendees name, date training completed, and whether follow-up training is required. After each class, import the list of attendees – and the information is now available in policyIQ to report on as needed.
  • Use policyIQ forms for training registrations or follow-up quizzes

    Sometimes attendance at training isn’t enough – you need attendees to respond to a survey or quiz to follow up on training. Use forms in policyIQ to send out the surveys – and use reporting to pull out and evaluate the responses. If an attendee “fails”, you can send the form back to him and require that he retake the training class.


Want to improve your internal training programs with policyIQ?

Drop us an email or give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help you expand your use of policyIQ to better manage your internal training programs.


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About Chris Burd

Chris is the Vice President of the policyIQ group at RGP. She gets geeky about compliance and technology, and gets to spend every day working at the crossroads of the two. With policyIQ since 2005, Chris has worked with hundreds of policyIQ clients to implement technology and enhance their internal compliance environment. In past lives, Chris worked as a system implementation consultant, a e-commerce specialist, a customer service call center manager, and - for one short but memorable summer during high school - a machine operator on midnight shift in a plastics factory. In her free time, she spoils her nieces, reads too many books, and spends more time than she should taking photos of her cats. She's on a mission to visit the hometown of every US President - so far managing to get to 14. She would like to be a rock star when she grows up.

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