Approver Notification Options on Forms

For clients that use multiple Approvers on your Form Templates, remember that your users can choose which Approvers to notify when submitting their Forms from the Home module.  From the Edit Form window, the Submit>Submit with Notes toolbar option should be used to access the Approver notification options:

This loads a Submit window with an option to notify specific Approvers:


This screen is also provided when a user selects Submit from Forms>Assigned or Forms>In Progress on the level one Table toolbar. This differs from the Submit>Submit toolbar option in that you can target which Approvers to notify of your Submit action (i.e. this Submit option notifies all Approvers by default).

When an Approver accesses their Forms To Approve Dashboard list, it’s automatically filtered by their “My Notified” items.  Similarly, when an Approver drills into the Submitted count of a Form Activity in the Create And Edit>Forms area, this is also automatically filtered by their My Notified items.

By using the Approver Notification options in Home, your users can help target which Approver(s) are most relevant for their submission and increase the visibility of their Submitted Forms.  This also assists in “waterfall” type Approval when All Approvers are required, and the initial Approver could be notified using this method.

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