Meet Dave Hoerster, our very own Microsoft MVP

mvpTypically you see us highlighting a particular client or maybe a Resources consultant on this blog. We thought it would be fun to once in awhile showcase some of our own team members, give you an insider’s look into our team! I decided to start out with our very own Microsoft MVP, Dave Hoerster.

Dave is the Sr. Director of Technology for policyIQ and has been with Resources Global for almost 5 years. He is responsible for the development, support and QA of policyIQ.  In April 2011, he was awarded with a Microsoft MVP award for Visual C#.  Only around 4,000 technology professionals worldwide are awarded with such a distinction, making them the leaders in their respective fields.  Dave wasn’t always a technology guy, though. He started out his career as a Financial Analyst and after realizing that the favorite parts of his job was creating financial model programs, he decided to make a career change and get into computer programming.

When I asked Dave if I could “interview” him for a blog post, he agreed to do it, even though he said, “I’m not very interesting!”  I have to disagree; after knowing Dave for almost 10 years now I still learned some new things about him, even some interesting ones.

Tell me a little bit about your role on the policyIQ team and what your favorite part is.
I am responsible for the development, support and QA of policyIQ. I get my hands into the code every now and then, and I’m also looking for new ways to improve the product, both from a user experience and a performance perspective. My favorite part of my job is looking into new technologies and technology trends.

Do you have a favorite new feature or improvement that you’ve seen over the years in the product? 
I guess the feature that I’m most fond of is the concept of alerts in the product.  Being able to have events trigger in policyIQ is an extremely useful feature; and the way that the team architected it, I think it really provides a platform for introducing new and exciting features in the future.  And since I’m on the inside for policyIQ development, I’m most excited about what we have planned for the future.  I can’t say any more than that, but I really think it’s going to be very impressive and very well-received.

A career moment that stands out as a turning point for you?
Making the decision, to quit my job and pursue a new career in computer programming.  I was pretty nervous at first, but I have been thankful for making that decision every day since.  I’m convinced that one should pursue what they enjoy and the career will follow.  Pursuing a career in the hopes that they’ll enjoy the work is not a guarantee.

When you are not busy working on making policyIQ more awesome, what do you do? 
I like to read and spend time with my kids.  I am also the President of the Pittsburgh .NET User Group and our group just held its first Give Camp in mid-July where developers came together for the weekend to work on software projects for non-profits.  I also enjoy traveling to other user groups and events to speak about Microsoft .NET development topics.  This year I was selected to speak at 2 regional events (MADExpo in VA Beach and devLink in Chattanooga, TN).  My goal for next year is to be selected to speak at the Norwegian Developers Conference.

Who is your favorite sports team?
Pittsburgh Pirates – I’ve been a fan since I was kid.  The last 18 years have been rough, but hopefully the losing will end soon.

What is your favorite TV show?
LOST – I haven’t been the same since the series ended.

Do you have any hobbies or special talents?
I can suspend an empty glass on my palm upside down.

Well, there you have it, our most interesting team member! While we’re not so sure about the real world applicability of that special talent (or why someone would have taken the time to develop it), we are extremely lucky to have Dave on our team.  He is not only intelligent, but a true team player and actually a pretty funny guy!

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About Stacey Zearott

Stacey is the Client Success Manager for policyIQ. She has a very strong background in sales and operations with over 20 years in the communications sales industry. Not only does she bring this knowledge and background to the team, but a love of theatre, fun hair and just the need for a daily dose of laughter.

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