2012 Resources Global Professionals and policyIQ Webcasts in Review

Once again, it is time to wrap up another year of successes and challenges. It is our hope that we – Resources Global Professionals and the policyIQ Team – played a role in getting you through this year with at least an ounce of sanity remaining.

We understand that every major business initiative and regulatory directive presents its own unique challenges for global businesses. Our goal is to help our clients approach these initiatives armed with practical intelligence that helps them plan and execute effectively and to avoid pitfalls. This is why Resources Global Professionals offered many valuable learning opportunities throughout 2012 via webcasts that focused on a variety of leading topics. The webcasts provided insights, case examples, and subject matter expertise from those who have been on the front line working with business leaders – as part of their teams – to solve problems, transfer knowledge and drive change from the inside out.

So that you may view any that you missed, or simply would like a refresher, below is a list of the topics presented and a link to each recording. To view a recording, simply click the topic of your choice.

Finance and Accounting

Supply Chain

The Change Management Series

Legal / IM / General Business


Information on the 2013 Resources Global Professionals series and policyIQ presentations will be available in the New Year and we look forward to having you join us again.


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