Bank utilizes policyIQ to push out procedures, forms, step-by-step work instructions and more to their branch employees

coincountingWhen I was a kid, I wanted to work in banking.  Of course, at age six I thought that meant getting to count change and give out money all day.  (I loved to count change.  I was a human Coinstar™.)  It seemed so romantic and powerful to sit at a bank teller’s station and control the cash flow of my community.

Of course, the reality of banking is that of one of the most highly regulated industries in the world – even before the introduction of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (arguably the largest single piece of legislation to impact banking, with complex requirements impacting every aspect of the financial services industry).  It’s also one of the most dynamic environments, with mergers, acquisitions and expansions happening every day.

Banks and financial institutions around the world use policyIQ in a variety of ways.

A significant percentage of our policyIQ clients are in the banking or financial services industry.  Most of our clients are using policyIQ in ways that you might expect:

  • FDICIA Compliance
  • Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
  • Corporate Policies and Procedures

But at least one policyIQ client has gone a step further.

policyIQ is where it’s at.

In the case of one regional banking client, their management team was looking for a tool to make it easier for them to provide the entire range of procedures and documentation that the employees at their retail banking branches required.  After researching a number of tools, they decided to utilize policyIQ’s 24/7, cloud-based infrastructure to push out procedures, forms, step-by-step work instructions and more to their branch employees.  Every bank employee has easy access to a full range of instructions – accessible at their fingertips, via a well laid out navigation or via the simple search.

Need to know how to open a new account for a customer?  Look it up in policyIQ.  Aren’t sure how to cancel a check?  It’s in policyIQ.  Searching for the form that has to be submitted when changing the name on an account?  policyIQ is where it’s at.

Some of the advantages of utilizing policyIQ for these detailed instructions are:

  • Simplicity of roll-out across all branches, even if disparate IT systems or access rights apply.
  • Ease of on-boarding new branches when mergers or acquisitions occur.
  • Ability to create different profiles for each branch, to provide access to the documentation that applies to them.
  • Ability to notify employees when critical changes to procedures or policies occur.
  • Links between related documents, so that relevant follow-up steps are provided immediately.

Of course, these advantages don’t just apply to the banking industry.  Being able to easily push out detailed content to your employees across various locations is not a unique issue in banking.  If you need a way to easily provide access to detailed procedures, forms, and instructions to employees across multiple locations, contact us to discuss how policyIQ can meet this need.

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About Chris Burd

Chris is the Vice President of the policyIQ group at RGP. She gets geeky about compliance and technology, and gets to spend every day working at the crossroads of the two. With policyIQ since 2005, Chris has worked with hundreds of policyIQ clients to implement technology and enhance their internal compliance environment. In past lives, Chris worked as a system implementation consultant, a e-commerce specialist, a customer service call center manager, and - for one short but memorable summer during high school - a machine operator on midnight shift in a plastics factory. In her free time, she spoils her nieces, reads too many books, and spends more time than she should taking photos of her cats. She's on a mission to visit the hometown of every US President - so far managing to get to 14. She would like to be a rock star when she grows up.

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