Upcoming Trainings from RGP!

Please join us for some informative web training sessions this June!  Some of RGP’s brightest minds will give you insight into their corners of the business world, and how they apply to companies nearly everywhere.  So come prepared with questions, and enjoy these free trainings!

The ROI of Change Management ( June 19, 2014)

Join us for a lesson in change management, and the concurring difficulties that go along with it. However, the benefits of effective implementation far outweigh the problems, including faster speed of adoption, higher utilization, and ultimately, increased project ROI.

Join guest speaker Pam Magoon, an RGP Human Capital Practice Consultant, on our webcast to discover how investing in change management can benefit your business with minimal disruption and positive results.

Business Risk of Fraud (June 25, 2014)

Fraud can bring a company to its knees with shareholders and employees. Even more damaging is the permanently scarred reputation. During this session, we’ll take a look at real examples of fraud, how to detect it, and most importantly, how to prevent it. We’ll also take a look at a fraud assessment that can be applied to your organization.

Presenting are Trak Patel, RGP’s Director of Client Services & Risk Assurance Leader, and Les Sussman, Senior Practice Director and part of RGP’s Governance, Risk & Compliance Practice.

Register for any of these sessions today to reserve your spot! If you aren’t able to attend, register to receive follow-up emails and a link to the recording as it becomes available.

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