Need a fresh start? You have options with policyIQ.

erasepolicyIQ has been carefully designed to allow your organization to evolve, without requiring any time-intensive or costly re-implementation of the application.  Whether you are using the application for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, policy management or account reconciliation tracking, we know that as years go by, your process and needs change.  Sometimes you just need a little change – a new field on your Control template, a new Folder to accommodate a new business entity, or an updated logo.  But other times, the changes are more significant and you really want to get a fresh new start on policyIQ.  Here are some ideas to help you when the change is more significant!

Re-Organize your Folders

One the easiest things that you can do to create a fresh environment is to reorganize your folders.  If you have a lot of folders with older content and you are just not sure what you might need to reference in the future, consider creating a top level “Archive” folder and nesting the old folders below it.  Your structure and content will be retained, if you should need to reference it, but you can build a brand new structure to house your content.

Update Existing Page Templates versus Creating New Page Templates

A typical question that comes into our policyIQ support team is regarding what impact updating an existing Page Template will have on content.  If you make changes to an existing Page Template, all pages created from that Page Template will be impacted by those changes.  

This is typically a good thing; you add a new field to a Page Template that should appear on all existing pages.  When you create reports, you still have just a single Page Template and one set of fields on which you filter or select to display.

However, there are times when you really just want the existing content to remain as it was, with the changes only impacting new content.  If that’s the case, you can copy an existing Page Template and make changes to the fields, values, name, and properties.  (If you wanted to “copy” older content into the new template–as you might do with Controls for a new SOX audit year–consider exporting older content to Excel and re-importing it to the new Template.)  Any reports that you wish to have will need to be recreated using the new Page Template, as the fields and filters will also be entirely new.

Archives, Snapshots and Extracts – oh my!

As you are making all of these changes, consider what you really need in terms of the older content.  If you don’t need to actively access that older content, you have a number of options to pull it out of your production site.

  • Archive Folder – as mentioned above, you can leave the older content in your policyIQ site if you are just not sure what you might need quick access to in the future.  Consider creating an Archive folder.  If you want to limit who has the ability to see the pages, you can also edit the permissions of that archived content to limit Administrators, Editors and Viewers of the pages.
  • Schedule a Database Snapshot and Purge Old Content – if you have a “Snapshot” of your data (scheduled by Site Administrators through the Tools & Settings), policyIQ will retain that snapshot for as long as you are a customer.  If you should ever need to access the older content, it can be made available by being restored to a unique policyIQ URL (free for 30 days!)  This allows you to purge the data from your active production site.
  • Ask for an HTML Extract – You could go a step further and ask for that snapshot to be extracted into an HTML format.  This provides all of the content in HTML pages (with file attachments retained in their original file format), so that you can access it at any time without needing it to be restored to a policyIQ site.  We do charge a small fee for the service, which many clients include in their annual cost estimates for policyIQ.

Clean Slate – When to Start Over

I am personally a big advocate of utilizing the reorganization or archive methods explained above, but I understand that sometimes you just need a fresh start.  A metaphorical clean slate.

The policyIQ team would be happy to create a brand new site for your team to use to start fresh.  You can choose to archive or extract the older site using one of the methods above – or retain two policyIQ applications as you move forward.  Two applications do come with additional costs, which are based on the number of users who need to access the older policyIQ application.  (We’ll typically rename this older site, so that it is clearly identified as an archived site.)

Do you need a fresh start?  Our policyIQ team is happy to meet with you to discuss what you want to accomplish, so that we can make recommendations for the best path forward.  Contact us today and we’ll schedule time!

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About Chris Burd

Chris is the Vice President of the policyIQ group at RGP. She gets geeky about compliance and technology, and gets to spend every day working at the crossroads of the two. With policyIQ since 2005, Chris has worked with hundreds of policyIQ clients to implement technology and enhance their internal compliance environment. In past lives, Chris worked as a system implementation consultant, a e-commerce specialist, a customer service call center manager, and - for one short but memorable summer during high school - a machine operator on midnight shift in a plastics factory. In her free time, she spoils her nieces, reads too many books, and spends more time than she should taking photos of her cats. She's on a mission to visit the hometown of every US President - so far managing to get to 14. She would like to be a rock star when she grows up.

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