COSO in policyIQ – “It was really as simple as you said it would be.”

For those of you looking to use the 2013 COSO Framework as the model for your Internal Control Environment, we want to remind you that you can use policyIQ to make quick work of capturing the COSO Principles and Points of Focus, as well as your Controls, Tests and other related documentation. We have shared some guidance on how existing policyIQ users can easily make adjustments that accommodate the new framework.

Existing policyIQ users, we can help you to get things set up in policyIQ

You don’t even have to create and populate your own spreadsheets to import the framework into policyIQ—we’ve already done the work for you, and will share it with you for FREE!


When we reached out to one of our clients to see if he had any questions about the spreadsheets or import process, he had this to say in his reply: “Once I had your template, it took just about 5 minutes to have policyIQ populated with the principles and points of focus.  It was really as simple as you said it would be.”

If you can’t spare any time to import the COSO content, we can do that part for you, too. Contact us to make arrangements.

Not a policyIQ client yet? Your new COSO-ready site can be available within the afternoon!


(Usually. Contractually, we have to say within 48 hours, but a new site is often up and running within the same day!)

For those who are not yet policyIQ users, but are considering the value of a tool now that you have to take on yet another relationship to your Controls, we have the COSO Framework ready to go in new policyIQ sites—you can move right on to the mapping part of your transition project.

Not sure what your plans are for transition to the 2013 COSO Framework?

We also want to remind you of a couple of webinars hosted by policyIQ and RGP that have been well received. Within the following posts, you will find links to the recordings.

Efficiently Transition to the 2013 COSO Internal Control – Integrated Framework Using policyIQ

Lessons Learned from Early Adopters of the 2013 COSO Framework

We have subject matter experts all across the country (and world) ready to get to work. Reach out to us and we’ll help you to get connected!

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