Did your provider over-promise and under-deliver?

The policyIQ Team has heard from a number of companies in the last year who are disappointed with their Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) tool or the tool’s provider. One product has a painful habit of losing the audit team’s electronic workpapers. Another product provider says that you can include hyperlinks and links between content in their product, but users have found that hyperlinks are often broken and attempted access can cause the product to lock up.

FrustratedWe have worked with several companies who feel trapped by their providers—the implementation project has turned into multiple projects consuming considerably more time and money than initially anticipated. How do they halt the moving train and account for the sunk costs? One contact said that he was three years and $300,000 into the implementation of a GRC tool, but still couldn’t be sure if it meets all of their needs because significant portions of the company’s priorities have not yet been implemented.

We’ve heard other examples of companies who committed to purchase and hire the required consultants for the product implementation; only to learn later that they need to purchase another module (or several) if they want to take advantage of features that connect their related processes and documentation.

We pride ourselves on being a different kind of provider

Did you know that your purchase of policyIQ gives you full access to all policyIQ features and functionality so that you may realize gains in efficiency and effectiveness enterprise-wide?

how do clients use policyIQWhile our development effort is focused in the GRC space, companies have taken advantage of how easy policyIQ is to use and to leverage for multiple departments and initiatives. We used to try to document everything that our clients were doing, but we can’t keep up any longer!

policyIQ truly is a one-stop shop that is easy to use and implement. We can have a new site available to users usually within the same day and the average implementation (ie. for SOX, Internal Audit, Policy Management or Contract Administration) takes less than 8 weeks. How do you know that I am not over-promising and under-delivering? We have a long list of happy customers who would be happy to be a reference. Here’s what some of them have had to say recently:

  • Regarding a new implementation: “Thank you again for all of your help with getting this tool up-and-running!”
  • Regarding guidance for applying policyIQ in a new way: “Thanks for the info and your time.  It really is appreciated and extremely helpful.”
  • Regarding a product upgrade: “The performance is better than it used to be, always a good thing when we can improve the user experience!”
  • Regarding a product upgrade: “Love the changes to the file upload feature.”
  • Regarding help from our Support team: “Thank you!  Everything looks great.  I found two mistakes, but they were my fault. 🙂 I can easily fix them.  Thank you so much for importing them so quickly!”
  • Regarding help from our Support team:  “FYI.  As always, your help desk is amazing.”
  • Regarding a feature request that moved into development: “Thank you for the update!  I look forward to testing the new functionality.”
  • Regarding a feature request that we determined was out of scope for policyIQ: “I appreciate your guys’ hard work keeping me updated on the status of these ideas.”
  • Regarding the implementation of the 2013 COSO Framework: “It was really as simple as you said it would be.”

I would be remiss if I did not mention that most of the services provided that these users gave us positive feedback on were free services! The value received with the purchase of user-licenses for policyIQ is extraordinary.

You might also notice that we welcome ideas regarding future development from our clients. They enjoy free upgrades with the latest functionality to help them work more efficiently.

And that comment regarding looking forward to testing the new functionality? Don’t worry. We don’t push new features and bug infested releases to our production clients to test. This is another piece of feedback that we received regarding a “big name” audit tool. We have a full testing protocol and QA process instituted for every release. We also have some very enthusiastic clients who continually sign up to be early adopters or beta testers. That kind of direct customer involvement and feedback is invaluable to us and to other users. We are sincerely grateful for the remarkable policyIQ community!

So, let us know when you would like to have your policyIQ site up and running—we’re ready to help!

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About Stephenie Buehrle

Stephenie is the “solutions” expert on the policyIQ team. With RGP since 2004, she designs and develops solutions that capitalize on the best practices of the hundreds of companies that she has touched, while tailoring each configuration to meet the unique needs of each client. Before joining RGP and the policyIQ team, Stephenie enjoyed working as an independent consultant in the non-profit sector. Stephenie also previously performed analyst services for a major brewer ranging from roles in biological and chemical services to analytical roles in business process improvement and innovation. Stephenie quips that she still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up, but hopes to spend her days helping others (companies, individuals, and communities) to realize their full potential.

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