It’s back! Quarterly Introduction to policyIQ Training

In case you missed the exciting news, our team announced the return of an ongoing, quarterly webcast training opportunity for new and existing users of policyIQ!  The first of these training sessions, which kicked-off last week, covered basic functionality of a typical policyIQ site, including:

  • Locating content, and site navigation
  • Adding content, and linking it to other pages and forms
  • Monitor, analyze, and share findings using reports

The great part about this type of training is that the learning objectives are geared toward new users, or for more experienced users that wish to share it with others in their organization.  Each of the trainings will be recorded, and the link to the first training is now available here.

Moving forward, we expect the basic structure and duration of these quarterly trainings to remain largely the same.  However, there may be opportunities to change certain learning objectives as new updates of policyIQ are released—and we’ll be sure to let you know when that happens!

Feedback from viewers of this session was very positive.  As always, we welcome suggestions for additional training ideas, as well.  If you or any of your colleagues have an idea of what you would like to see us cover on future training sessions, please let us know!

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