Summary Reports…How will they help me?

Summary reports are among policyIQ’s powerful “ad-hoc” or custom reporting tools!  This type of report gives users a quantitative look at your data while displaying it in a graph-like format.  In other words, it helps you to oversee or to perform various analyses by looking at a distribution of information across your business.

In the policyIQ report builder, select Summary Report as the Report Type.  Think of your filters as your “focus”.  What do you want to report on?  The selection of columns and rows is more geared toward, “I know what I want a report on, but these columns and rows will dictate how that data is displayed.”

For example, you may want to check on the status of testing by location.  Testing Status Report

With a Summary Report in policyIQ, the status of each test can be easily viewed.  In addition, this report is interactive.  Fields containing values can be drilled into for a more comprehensive look into the details of the report.

The sky’s the limit on how Summary Reports could be used in an organization.  Perhaps you could review the distribution of policies and procedures by Department and Stage of Completion. Pull up a report on your Key Controls by Process and by Location. Perhaps you’d like to review your Contracts by Expiration Date and Dollar Amount to help you prioritize which should be examined for renegotiation purposes. How could Summary Reports be used in your organization?  Consider those questions that you go to Excel or to email or routine update meetings in order to track down the answers. Contact us if you would like some help applying this tool to make your organization more efficient.

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