NEW! policyIQ On-Demand Training Page

How great is this?  A clean, revamped on-demand training page is now available for policyIQ users!  videos

We’ve recently taken a new look at on-demand training for our policyIQ users.  Instead of longer videos that take up a lot of time, we’ve decided to create quick, to-the-point functionality videos that highlight many of the “how-to’s” that our customers want and need to know. Additional videos will be regularly added, creating a comprehensive and fully visual training experience.

We also have many of our “Solution-focused” videos available, and they dive more deeply into how policyIQ is best used for differing business solutions.  Some may visually feature older versions of policyIQ, their concepts remain largely the same.


With policyIQ 7.4 being released over the next month, it might be worthwhile to check out  two videos that highlight this release:  Time & Expense, and Import to Update.

Import to Update:  A great new tool for clients that want or need the option to make updates to existing pages in policyIQ:  all while working offline!  That’s right- users can now updates hundreds of pages of data while they are traveling, lack an internet signal, or maybe just don’t want to have their browser open!  Work with your raw data in Excel. Then, with the click of a mouse, import the data to update your pages!

Time & Expense:   A brand-new module in policyIQ, Time & Expense tracking allows audit managers to track the expenses and time of their auditors on various projects and tasks. Still in its infancy, Time & Expense tracking then offers total estimated and actual hours and costs.  Additional reporting capabilities are already in development for our next policyIQ release.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out for an additional, customized training session with a policyIQ Account Manager.  Just click the link on our Training Page!


Each of these features represent huge changes to the way clients use policyIQ, and you can see for yourself how easy it is to make the most of these updates!  So, jump over to the policyIQ Training Page, and see for yourself!

Have an idea for a video that isn’t in our library?  Let us know!

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