End of Winter Training Opportunities

With the end of winter on the horizon (let’s hope so, right?), RGP and the policyIQ team haven’t stopped forming terrific training opportunities.  Check out what all we have to offer!

RGP Training Sessions (1 CPE credit available per session)

February 26:  Merger Integration Readiness – How to Assess and Improve Readiness to Maximize Merger Integration Success

An important step in Mergers and Acquisitions is often the most overlooked – assessing whether your existing systems and processes are ready for this long term integration.  Join RGP’s George Chin and Mark Walztoni as they share their collective experiences with M&A, and help you maximize the benefits of merger integration.

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March 5:  From Data to Intelligence

Please join Althea Davis and Rebecca Snevel of RGP as they discuss data from a different point of view.  Complete with case studies of other businesses, this session will strive to purposeful data can have positive impacts on your business as a whole.  “Data Intelligence”, as we call it, can have real impact that produces positive results.

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March 19:  A Software Solution for your ASU 2014-09 Rev Rec Challenges

RGP’s Shauna Watson takes a look at the new Revenue Recognition Standard from at IT perspective.  What types software should be used for this new standard, and what options are available?  Join RGP and software partner, Leeyo, as they give a tour of RevPro software, and how it can best address Revenue Recognition in a cost-efficient way.

This session is worth 1.5 CPE credits, so sign up today!

policyIQ: Training

February 26: An Introduction to policyIQ: Quarterly Training Event

Join our team for another introductory training session to policyIQ.  As part of our ongoing quarterly training sessions, we’ll cover the basics of how the product works, creating and linking content, and running reports on content.  We’ll be using examples of SOX-related Risks and Controls, and working through a few different areas of the product, including Pages, Forms, and Reports.  This session is great for new or prospective users of policyIQ, but can also be worthwhile for folks needing a refresher on the basics.

You’ll earn 1 CPE credit for attending, so sign up today!

This next month is full of exciting educational opportunities, so don’t miss out!

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