It’s here: Importing to Update Pages!

For the first time ever, users can now use the Import utility to make updates to existing pages within policyIQ.  In prior versions of policyIQ, the Import function was only used to make mass updated to your site.  And while this function brought greater power to the user, it didn’t offer them any flexibility when mistakes were made.

Times have changed.

In version 7.4 (which all users will have within the next ten days), users can work offline in Excel to make updates to their content.  Rather than setting up columns for each field on the page like we would do for a typical Import, the Import to update function only needs a limited amount of columns:

  • the Page name
  • the Page ID
  • the Field you are making an update to

From there, the Import runs as usual, with one exception.  When you begin the Import process in policyIQ, simply select the “Update” option from the drop-down menu on Step 1.

import to update

This added flexibility will be a big relief for users of any kind.  If you’d like to see a demonstration of this function, please check out our On-Demand Training page.  Here, you can find videos on many aspects of our site.


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