User Imports: A quick way to set up or adjust your organization in policyIQ

Perhaps you are in the early steps of implementing policyIQ, and are beginning to add users to your site.  Sure, for small organizations or anyone adding just a couple of users, adding users through the left navigation menu in policyIQ is the fastest way to do so.  But shouldn’t there be a faster way to bulk-upload users into the site?

Good news alert…there is!


You can now import credentials

Welcome to the world of policyIQ User Imports – A fast and convenient way to bulk upload new users and account credentials to policyIQ.  Within the policyIQ Help Guide, search for the User Import Layout Excel spreadsheet.  This document can be filled out with as many users as you’d like, and then uploaded into policyIQ like any other standard Import would.  On the first Import screen, select “users” rather than content to import.  From there, the Import process remains the same.

Make quick updates site-wide with Import to Update

Maybe you have an established site with thousands of users.  Suddenly, your company changes names for one reason or another, and your email address will be changed in the near future.  For many, this can be aggravating and time consuming to change.  With policyIQ, simply conduct an Import to Update all of your users’ email addresses with the most up to date information.  This saves a ton of time, and doesn’t stop or even slow down your organization’s use of policyIQ.

For updating existing users, policyIQ can also adjust names, passwords, and even enforce password resets on any number of users.  Just gather the user ID’s for the users you wish to adjust.  To gather ID’s, either run a report on users and include the User ID as a column, or to user the Print/Export option on the right side of the toolbar while viewing the Groups & Users structure in the table. “User ID’s” will be the only required field in the Excel spreadsheet—apart from the information you wish to update, of course.

Other great features of User Imports allow the Import utility to assign users Groups, Account Types, Roles, Phone numbers and many others.

If you would like to inquire about having policyIQ Support help you with conducting a User Import, let us know at  We are always happy to help!

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