Deleted Content & Snapshots

An often overlooked part of every policyIQ site is the Deleted Content menu within the left hand navigation.  Users can think of this area as very similar to how the Recycle Bin functions on a typical Windows PC.

Any time a Page, Form Template, Form Bundle or Issued Form is deleted, the deleted item is stored under its respective category in this menu. From here, the deleted items can be double clicked to be viewed.  Selecting any item(s) will activate two toolbar functions—Restore and Permanently Delete.  These items function just as you would expect.  Restoring items from here will automatically list the item as “Checked out to Me” as well as index the item to all folders it was originally indexed to.


Permanently deleting old data can help reduce a site’s database (db) size, particularly after a snapshot has been taken.  A Snapshot is a backup of your database, containing all of your data, at the time the Snapshot was captured.  All policyIQ clients can have up to 5 Snapshots taken for FREE each year.

For example, a Snapshot can be captured after work is completed for a given testing period.  As these testing periods continue and build up over time, old ones can be deleted off of the site.

Clients can rest easy knowing that they took Snapshots along the way. Snapshots can be restored and reviewed for free for a period of 30 days (once each year).

If you have questions about policyIQ Snapshots or Deleted Content, please contact the Support Team:

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