Scheduling Reports: Quick and Convenient

One of the unsung features of policyIQ is the ability to schedule reports to run automatically, and have the results emailed to various members of the given organization.  This functionality is completely automated, and requires just a few clicks to set up:

  1. Select a previously saved report of any kind.  This can be a custom built report stored in a category of your choosing, or a standard report that comes with policyIQ when it is first implemented.
  2. Select “schedule” in the toolbar of the table.  The scheduling window will open.

3.  In this window, users tell policyIQ who they want the report results sent to.  The great part about this is that report results can be sent to anyone with a valid email address–regardless if they are a policyIQ user.  Users will select when this report should be run, with the option to include beginning and end dates.


4.  Finally, users can include an email message and subject line to go along with the results of the report.

5.  Click save, and the report is now a scheduled, perhaps ongoing part of your organization’s policyIQ experience.

In a nutshell: This process you have set up will run a) the report on the day(s) that you set it, generating up-to-date results  b) the results are then displayed in a Microsoft Excel document, and c) emailed out to the users, with the report results displayed in the Excel file as an attachment–all without ever touching a mouse after the initial setup!

We find this functionality is particularly useful for members of executive teams that want access to certain types of data within policyIQ, but typically aren’t day-to-day users of the  system.  These types of users can be emailed the results of the reports and review them without ever clicking once in policyIQ.

To learn more about scheduling reports, or if you have any questions, please contact the policyIQ Support Team at

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