From our Supreme Tech Nerd (aka Senior Director of Technology) to Yours

Introducing Matthew Krummert, Senior Director of Technology at RGP, policyIQ. Matt was asked to share his thoughts on some of the common concerns of IT professionals related to cloud applications—and to tell us what some of those concerns are. Matt noted that there are a lot of applications that don’t always fit the customer’s needs, implementation of new products often takes months or years, it seems there are always hurdles to getting your information back from them, you’re never totally comfortable that your content is secure, you have a long wait for support departments to address your concerns, and you’re not sure if anyone on the other end is listening. Following are Matt’s thoughts on how policyIQ stacks up against these concerns.

Especially utilized for small to medium sized businesses, the cloud is transforming the way software works through its reduction of IT risks and ongoing support costs.  Through utilizing these benefits, and those from Web2.0, policyIQ continues to transform the way that businesses handle their content and GRC needs.

Cloud delivery is less risky: Easy to turn on…and to turn off.

Purchasing software can be a complex process as you are never entirely sure what you are getting. Because policyIQ works on demand, organizations are able to mitigate that by testing the software out prior to purchase in a 30-day free trial site. Because policyIQ uses web2.0 features, you can customize the site to fit your needs to ensure that each installation is an optimal package for you and your organization. This means that companies are also able to have a site up and running in a couple of hours and configured for everyday use in a matter of days or weeks rather than typical months-long implementations. If you are not completely satisfied, policyIQ allows you to disconnect at any time and receive a direct delivery of your content to your designated contact.

Is the content really secure? Yes!

Seamless security is also a concern for most departments. Upon creating a site, policyIQ offers three options for authentication: single sign on, custom authentication using SHA1, and LDAP (or Active Directory) security. Once you are in the site, you are able to set security down to the granular item level (a Page, File, or Weblink) or folder in a user or group based fashion which allows multiple departments of an organization to use the site concurrently and securely without knowing that the others exist.

Power at your fingertips and Support to back you up!

Mistakes are always a possibility:

“I deleted something that I need after all.”
“I made changes to the wrong content.”

For these instances, policyIQ utilizes a simple recycling bin, and also offers snapshots which you can schedule at will. Through utilizing either of these processes, policyIQ empowers an individual to fix most potential problems that come up directly within the application. You can also ask any of our existing clients or refer to our recent survey results to rest assured that our Support department is top notch! They address any questions that you have quickly and thoroughly…and you will get to see your ideas for future development come to fruition! We’re actually listening.

Speaking of listening, we’d love to hear from you! If you haven’t already seen a demonstration of policyIQ, go to our website to sign up for a personalized demo or to watch our 5 minute video introduction.

Talk to you soon!

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