policyIQ Success at Lennox International, Inc.

The policyIQ team is proud to release it’s newest case study participant, Lennox International, Inc!

Our team selected Lennox as a case study participant for a variety of reasons, but specifically because of their ideal implementation, expansion of policyIQ into other areas of their business, and partnership with an RGP Consultant during the implementation process.

Faced with an uphill battle in finding a way to centrally house all of their SOX documentation, Lennox partnered with policyIQ and RGP in the Summer of 2014.  This documentation needed to have a secure network of write and view access built around it.  Specifically, their external auditors needed to have quick view-only access to the published documentation within the site.

Coupled with an RGP Consultant, Lennox was able to develop a configuration for their policyIQ site that was practical and immediately drove efficiency into their SOX testing program.  Other areas of the business have taken notice of the benefits of policyIQ, and it has been expanded into those areas, as well.

Check out the full case study here.

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