New Training Opportunities from RGP

Our technology experts may be particularly interested in these two upcoming RGP training sessions, as each deals with different aspects of technology in the GRC space.  Take a look!

November 17: Technology-based Innovation in the Digital Economy

The hills throughout Pittsburgh are filled with all kinds of beautiful Autumn color.  Fall nearly always means significant change to the weather and scenery of Western Pennsylvania, and this year is no exception.

Technology changes even faster–we can’t fight or resist the next big innovation may happen.  So, as companies, we need to be prepared to adapt these changing market conditions on a constant basis.  RGP Consultant Dr. Irvin Wladawsky-Berger will help us take a look at some of the technological hurdles we all experience, and how to best deal with these.  1 CPE credit is available for attending this event.

Click to sign up and emerge from the technology cloud more competitive and flexible than you ever imagined.

December 3: Cloud Computing and Business Performance Management

Speaking of clouds (technological, not those that bring rain), RGP experts have arranged an event to help bring some answers to cautious cloud-computing users.  Some find the idea of cloud-computing both stressful and confusing.  Does a cloud based environment really mean less security?  What are the benefits?  Attend this event, and get 1 CPE credit for participating.

Learn more about cloud computing and how it may be applied to your organization.

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