Customer Partnership for Upcoming Features!

Our policyIQ team has created a new partnership with our customers in an effort to discover, test, and deploy new features into upcoming releases of the software.  Greg Hoover (Support Analyst and Business Analyst, has been meeting via webcasts with our clients to discuss future product releases, specific needs within their industry, and other policyIQ needs.

Our team then creates mock-ups of our ideas for a given solution, and work with customers to decide if this is the type of solution they are looking for.  If it seems like a solution that our clients will stand to gain from, we move forward with internal discussions about developing this new feature to our product.

Greg and our leaders at policyIQ then set each feature at a different priority, based on customer feedback.  Currently, we have several different features that are being tested, shown to clients, and adjusted based on their feedback.

If you would like to discuss a feature request of your own, or view some of the upcoming features that are currently in development, please contact Greg and our Development team via the Support Team:

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