Approval Workflow: Coming soon in policyIQ 7.6

Whoa…what’s that over in the left hand navigation?


For many clients, Approval Workflow has been on their wishlist for some time…and with the holidays approaching, I thought I’d give you all a small gift:  Previews of what our development team has been hard at work on!

After receiving feedback from clients and users, it became apparent that a more complete process for approving content was needed. In a nutshell, Approval Workflow will bring some much needed automation and clarity for our users’ pages and forms that need to walk through a more thorough (or simple) approval process.  This module, featured on the left hand navigation, will give our customers just that.


The Approval Workflows can be customized to an organization’s needs.   Various approval types can be selected, giving users the chance to have pages or forms move through a simple Single-Step Approval where ANYONE in the list can approve the item, or ALL users will have to approve before an item is finalized.

Separately, a Multi-Step Approval has been created to allow Administrators to have content move through a step by step approval, with each step being an ANY or ALL approval before the content moves on.

With huge increases in Approval Process flexibility, policyIQ 7.6 is sure to make quite an impression with our clients.

Thinking about something you like or something that makes you concerned?  Let us know!  We’re happy to talk about it!

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