Custom Alerts: Have you taken advantage of them?

Custom Alerts allow users to set up auto-triggered email messages or Dashboard notifications when certain information has been selected on your pages, or when other requirements are met.  These triggers can be applied in a number of ways, including a certain result of any-non text field (list, yes/no, agree/disagree, true/false), due dates, expiration dates, or stage changes.


So you might be wondering how this technology can be useful for you?

The short answer is: get creative.  Organizations want alerts sent out for a variety of circumstances, and after playing with the Alerts tab on a page for just a few minutes, you can begin imagining the reasons you may want to consider setting up alerts for special circumstances.

The longer answer comes courtesy of our policyIQ experts, as we’ve found certain business processes that work great with Custom Alerts.  These scenarios, along with additional information on Custom Alerts, can be found in the policyIQ Help Guide (Question mark in the upper right of every policyIQ site):

Notify a Contract Owner to update their Contract Page when it reaches its renewal date

You can now schedule Custom Alerts to notify your users driven by milestones set on your policyIQ Pages.  This will be especially useful in areas such as Contract Management, where you want users to periodically review and update their Pages, based on specified dates.

For example, you can create a Custom Alert that will send an e-mail to a Contract Owner when their Contract is three months out from its Renewal Date (a custom date Field set on the Page).  Perhaps this is the milestone at which the Contract Owner is responsible for beginning the renegotiating process, so you want to be sure they are reminded when this milestone is reached.

Notify a Process Owner when a Tester selects a Status of “Failed” on a Test Page

Do you manage a compliance process that includes the testing of Control Pages?  Would you like to notify a Manager or Process Owner when a Test fails?  The new Custom Alerts feature will allow you to trigger messages to be sent to these users based on Fields like Test Status.  When your tester Publishes a Test Page with a Status of Failed, your selected recipients will receive an automatically generated Alert.  You can specify whether the Alert should be sent via e-mail or become a message on their Dashboard, and e-mail Alerts can even be sent to individuals who don’t have access to policyIQ.

Notify a Page Administer when the Page they’ve assigned reaches the “Due Date”

Do you assign Pages to Editors and set an expected Due Date?  A Due Date can be assigned when a Page Administrator assigns a Page to another user with the Check Out To Other option.  An Alert can be setup on the Page so that the Administrator is notified when the assigned Page reaches the Due Date, and it has not yet been completed and checked back into the Administrator.

The alert can be set up to notify someone on their Dashboard, and/or have an email sent to one or more selected users.  Dashboard alerts can be set up to include a copy of the page in question, a link to the page, or even attachments.  Emails can even be sent to non-policyIQ users – perhaps upper  management or executive level personnel that doesn’t have policyIQ credentials. Emails, like other areas of the product, are completely custom.

If you’d like to learn more about Custom Alerts, contact us today!


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