Roll-Forward for 2016 SOX Work

For public companies needing to get started on their 2016 Sarbanes-Oxley work in policyIQ, rolling their work forward is easier than you think.


As part of policyIQ best practices, we encourage our clients to store all SOX work within a parent folder for the given year they are working in.  So, a 2015 SOX folder may contain many sub folders filled with Risks, Controls, Testing done on the controls, etc, but it is all within a parent folder for that year’s work.  When it comes time to roll forward for 2016, the Site Administrator can go into policyIQ and select to “Copy” that parent folder, and rename it “SOX 2016”.

When copying, notice the options a user will be presented with in the screen shot above.  Selecting option 4 – “Copy Folder structure and create copies of the pages within the Folders. Update links on the copied pages to other new copies (if relevant)” will be ideal for rolling your SOX work forward.  This will create a complete copy of your 2015 SOX folder structure, along with copies of all Pages within this structure.  Links will be updated, as well.  Then, feel free to delete any pages that “shouldn’t exist” yet, such as testing deficiencies.


For the existing 2015 folder, there may be some worry about users making changes to the old content (because everything was copied, names of pages and folders will be the same).  There is a simple solution to this.  Run a report of all pages within the 2015 folder.  Once all pages are selected, use the toolbar to select Edit > Change Administrators.  This will prevent anyone from editing old content from the previous year.

Have questions?  Good, we love talking to you!  Give us a shout, and we’ll get you rolling forward in no time!

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