Site preparation for policyIQ 7.6 is easier than you think!

policyIQ 7.6 is right around the corner, so it is time to begin prepping your site!  With just a few quick changes, your site will be set up for quick and easy conversion to the newest version of policyIQ.

“Viewer Set 2” Removal

In short, we’re simplifying security for Viewers on Pages and Forms.  In addition to removing the “And Above” and “Above and Below” security settings, we are also simplifying the number of viewer sets.  Today, we have two: Viewer Set 1 and Viewer Set 2.

The reason for two sets was that in old versions of our software, these two sets acted as a cross-reference.  If you were a member of both sets of viewers, then you could see the page. Since this time, we’ve built the new custom Groups and Users’ structure, which negates any reason to have two viewer sets.  Anyone listed in the  Viewers part of security will have read access to the content.  We’re working with clients to make sure they have groups or users in the second viewer set removed before the conversion to 7.6.  policyIQ will automatically COMBINE the two viewer sets upon conversion to 7.6, which may open up the page or form to more users than you want.  So, be sure to take advantage of our free offer!


New Standard Reports, available right now in your site, shows all pages or forms that have Viewers in Set 2.  As a matter of best practice, run either report to see where you have content with groups or users in Set 2.  To adjust, highlight a page or form in the table and go to Edit>Change Viewers.  This screen allows you to adjust the Viewer security on the page or form in question.  Save your changes when finished.

It is important to keep in mind that there are easy ways to make these changes in mass, should you prefer a faster method.  We’re offering to do this with you for FREE.  All you need to do is reach out, and we’ll schedule a 20 minute working session with you.

“Always Notify Approvers”Removal

7.6 will also remove the “Always Notify Approvers” option from Page and Form templates.  This option, when populated with users, will automatically notify them upon the approval of a page or form in the site.


The new version of policyIQ will remove this as an option because the “Always Notify” action will take place anyway with the new Approval Workflow processes (we’ll have more coming soon on Approval Workflows!).  Each step of the Approval Process will automatically notify users in the next step  of the workflow, (and have an option of emailing them, as well) so there is no longer a need for this option.  Users may want to rework their approval process because of this, and be sure that the right people are being notified and emailed during the approval process for pages and forms.  This feature ties directly in with the addition of Approval Workflow…see below for some insight into the new feature!

Approval Workflow – More to come!

The biggest and most involved part of 7.6 requires its own blog look for details on this very soon!  The policyIQ team has constructed an environment for users to create set-by-step Approval Workflows, ensuring that documents can pass through a complete process before being published to your site.  Each step allows for a group or users to be selected, and groups can be an ANY or ALL approval setting.  When the document passes from one step to another, users will have the option to email those in the next step (with all users in the next step automatically being notified on their Dashboard). Much more to come on this in a separate blog post!

Let us help you with “Viewer Set 2” and the “Always Notify” changes to your policyIQ site!  Contact us today to set up a 20 minute working session!


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