policyIQ Contacts: How can I take advantage of this?

This simple feature isn’t glamorous, but it might save you some time and headache!

If you’re a policyIQ Site Administrator and have edited a user account, you may have noticed an option called “policyIQ Contact”  on the appropriately named “Optional” tab of the Edit User window (on Site Administrator Accounts only).  This box should be checked for a user that you would like to designate in charge of resetting passwords.


Moving forward, when users need their password reset, they can click the “Forgot Password” link on the login screen.  A prompt will display for the user to input their email address, and an automatic email will be sent to the policyIQ Contacts in your organization.  At this point, the policyIQ Contact users can log in and reset the users passwords.


policyIQ Contacts that get notified (or any Site Administrator, for that matter) can reset passwords by searching for the user’s name in the toolbar, or by drilling into the Groups and User tree in the left hand navigation.  When the user is selected, go to the toolbar and edit the user.  Go to the password tab and select Change Password”.  Type in a new temporary password for the user, confirm the password, and then select “Save and Notify”.


An automatic email will be generated-edit this text as you see fit, and send the email.  The user will receive the email, and will use it to log in to policyIQ the next time, where they will then be prompted to create a new, full time password moving forward.

Questions? Shoot us a message!  Support@policyIQ.com

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