CPE Training from policyIQ and RGP!


May 17: Introduction to policyIQ Training

Join our team for a session geared toward new or prospective users of the policyIQ software.  This quarter, we’ll be focused on using policyIQ for managing Risks and Controls.  During our presentation, you may notice that we’ll be using the latest version on policyIQ, version 7.6!  We’ll be sure to highlight the expanded Approval Workflow capabilities, in addition to the other features of our new release.  You won’t want to miss it!

Join us on May 17, and receive 1 CPE credit for your participation in the session.


April 27: Revenue Recognition – Leading Change Across the Enterprise

The new Revenue Recognition standard (Rev Rec) has implications beyond an organization’s accounting department. In fact, Rev Rec impacts systems, enterprise wide, from purchasing to manufacturing, from sales to human resources. There are change management and process management considerations as well. In this webcast, RGP Rev Rec experts discuss the how the new standard impacts an organization’s information management systems and offers practical advice for leading change across your organization.

1 CPE is available for your participation. This is a Group – Internet based basic level course and no prerequisites or advanced preparation is required.

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