policyIQ Users come from Many Industries!

Users know that policyIQ is ultra-flexible, and that explains why so many different clients have purchased our software.


The needs for each and every industry are unique, and vary client to client.  policyIQ offers unmatched flexibility to help meet these requirements, complete with an Account Management and Customer Support team that is ranked at a near perfect satisfaction ranking (2015 survey).

Customize templates to create content that looks familiar to you, and captures information that you’ll want to report on later.  Populate your content, either piece by piece or in bulk from an Excel spreadsheet.  Organize your content into folders, just as you would on a network drive.  Tailor security to give read, write and approve access to your content.  Set up your sites’ users with unique accounts, Dashboards, and other great features.  Before you know it, you’re off and running…and policyIQ immediately makes your life a lot easier!

Not only can policyIQ be the solution for a particular business need, it can also serve a variety of needs within one business.  This means less money spent on multiple software products, and more time making policyIQ your go-to cloud solution for SOX, Audit, Sign-offs, Policy Management, Conflict Minerals Compliance, and many other compliance and certification management processes.

Some long time policyIQ users have even left a position within one industry and repurchased policyIQ when they settle in to another.  Now, that’s flexibility!

If you’ve been considering giving policyIQ a look, contact our team to sign up for a FREE custom demonstration with a member of our Account Management team.  They’ll answer your questions, and determine if policyIQ is the right fit for your needs.  If it looks like a good match, we’ll set you up with a free, no-obligation trial site for 30 days.  Try it for yourself!

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