New for 7.6: Dashboard Charts and Graphs


New to policyIQ 7.6 is the ability for users to create custom charts and graphs, and have them displayed on their Dashboard.  Many users enjoy having some portion of their data displayed in a visual way, and the Custom Charts and Graphs feature of policyIQ 7.6 answers that call.

Our vision for these custom items allows users to build a custom pie chart or bar graph containing policyIQ data of their choice.  These will each be built in the same manner that a report would be, but with a limitation on the number of columns of the report. Let’s take a look at how to make one.

Create a New Chart or Graph

Creating one of these is easy as pie…no, really!  Begin by creating a new Page report, and then selecting the “Layout” as Pie Chart.  For filters, think of what data you are looking to display in the chart. I ultimately want to see visual progress of my team’s work on updating the policies in my Employee Handbook folder.  For this example, I selected my Policy Template, which is going to give me Policy Pages only in my results. I also want to make sure that I am picking up only policies that sit within my general Employee Handbook, so I’ll add an additional filter that contains the folder that these policies sit within.

For Columns, we need to understand that this will be “how the pie is cut up”.  In other words, what is going to decide how my pie is sliced?  I chose Stage as my column, because  this will show me the progress of my pages becoming published.  When my project started, all existing policy pages were checked out to individuals throughout my department for review.  As they become edited, reviewed and approved (Published) again, I’ll know where our progress is at by their status within this chart.


Save the report you’ve built, being sure to have named the report and selected the layout of your choice (in this example, Pie Chart).  Once saved, close the report builder window.  Back on your Dashboard, go to the toolbar and select Add > Chart to Dashboard.  Select the created chart, and click Save.  The chart will display on the Dashboard.

Moving Forward

Each time that you login, the newly created chart will display on your Dashboard.  To update the chart with the most up-to-date data, click the Refresh within the chart window. In an effort to keep policyIQ running quickly for our clients, our charts are set up to refresh only when the client elects to do so.  So, be sure to click the refresh or look at the time stamp (located under your chart image) of the most recent update to the chart in question.

There you go!  That’s all there is to it.  Think about the types of data you may want to capture in chart or graph form on your Dashboard.  If you need any help pulling it together, contact policyIQ Support–and you’ll be up and running in minutes.

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