Work behind the scenes…and leave a version Published in policyIQ

For many clients, updating content in policyIQ is an easy process:  pull the content out of its “published” state, and check it out to yourself.  Make your changes, and re-publish the item.  Done!  Not too difficult.

But what about documents that aren’t able to be quickly edited before re-publishing?  From a viewer’s perspective, that document is no longer available for them to see while its being edited.

We’ve listened to customer feedback, and solved this problem!

When checking out a page to yourself for editing, take special note of a newer checkbox option in the Checkout to Me window:


Select this option to leave the published version available to viewers in your site.  All pages will be available for you to edit, unbeknownst to your users.  Users will notice nothing different about the site and pages, and still have access to all the pages in their latest published form.

The editable versions of the pages that are checked out to you will contain a negative page ID, which will allow you to visually account for pages that also have a version published.  Once the page has been edited and republished, the negative instance of the page will disappear, but an edits you made will be shown on the now updated original.

The advantage of using this feature is that none of your content has to disappear from the site.  All current content can remain up while you and a team of users update the content behind the scenes.  Publish when you’re ready, and users will then see the up-to-date content.

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