Snapshots: Every policyIQ site should take advantage of this Free feature!

An often under-utilized part of policyIQ sites is the Snapshot feature, found in the Tools & Settings menu on the left hand navigation.

A Snapshot is a virtual  and complete backup of your policyIQ site database, containing all of your data at the time the Snapshot was captured.  Clients can schedule and store up to 5 Snapshots for FREE each year.

Many clients will elect to have Snapshots taken at quarter-end, or after testing periods and a large amount of work has been completed in the site.  As various testing periods continue and build up over time, old ones can be deleted off of the site.  To schedule a Snapshot, simply click Snapshots, and then click Add in the toolbar.   Select a date that you’d like to have the Snapshot taken.  Because you are able to schedule many in advance, you could, in theory, schedule your whole year in just a couple of minutes. Then, click Save.

So what do you do with Snapshots once they’ve been taken, and how do you access them?  Snapshots can be restored and reviewed for free for a period of 30 days (once each year).  The Snapshot will be presented as a standard, up-to-date policyIQ site (even for older versions of policyIQ) and made available via a separate, unique URL.

Clients that want to go back and review previous year’s work that has since been deleted can rest easy knowing that they took Snapshots along the way.

Questions?  Give us a call at 866-753-1231, and we can talk you through the process.

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