Our next great feature: Linked Fields in policyIQ

Does the task of updating control documentation in more than one location seem redundant and a drag on your day?

Changing the description or general governing details of any page in policyIQ can create a wave of changes that need to be made in other places in the site.  Wouldn’t it be great to make the update once, and have that update be reflected everywhere?

It definitely would be.  Consider it done!


The next update of policyIQ will include a new field type: Linked Fields.  This field will be a field that is auto-populated with the data from an existing field  on a linked page.  For our SOX and Audit clients, think about things like control descriptions.  These descriptions are periodically tweaked, and that change needs to be reflected anywhere the description appears.  We’ll create a linked field on our test result pages that are likely linked to this control page, and point it at the description of the control page.  Because of this setup, the control page can be updated, and the test page will automatically pick up those changes.


Creating new linked fields is easy, and it’s coming to your policyIQ site in the next few months!  Please contact us with any questions or thoughts on how you may take advantage of this huge new feature.


4 thoughts on “Our next great feature: Linked Fields in policyIQ

    • Thanks, Jennifer! We’re excited, as well. The great part of using it is that it’s ultra simple–just add the new field, and tell it which linked page field you’d like to reference. policyIQ does the rest!

  1. This is great, and I’ve been hoping for it for a long time. Two questions: 1-Will there be an option to hide the “Linked from Page…” text? 2-Will the linking be available for different types of data field such as date and drop-down or will it be limited to text as shown in the example? We have some drop-down lists that have been created redundantly and it would be great to only have to update them once.

    • Awesome, Chris! We’re glad to hear you’re looking forward to it. The linking will be available for all field types, so there is no limit there. The “Linked from Page” text, for now, will be part of the page. However, I can see us taking a look at maybe creating an option for toggling that to display. All “Input” fields will be available to link–so anything can be linked with the exception of Line Separators, Static Text, and File Upload Fields. List fields (your dropdown field) will work great for this. Hope this helps! Feel free to reach out to us with any other questions or ideas: Support@policyIQ.com

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