Request, Route, Approve, Complete: Simplify any request process with policyIQ


How many times a day does an email similar to the one above land in the inbox of someone you work with? Or maybe even your own.  How often do they fall through the cracks?  Often these simple requests are a critical part of the control environment, but the routing and tracking of the requests is not truly controlled.  Lost or delayed requests for critical processes, such as the legal document review above, can mean lost opportunities or compliance violations.

policyIQ can help – and you can start today.

Even those who are familiar with policyIQ’s electronic forms are sometimes unaware that these forms don’t have to be assigned to users. policyIQ forms can be used to allow an employee to initiate a request at any time.  (We refer to this as “Public Forms”, but you decide which employees actually have access to the forms.)

In the example above, the process might look something like this:

  • Sales Manager submits a Legal Document Review request via policyIQ.
  • Request gets routed directly to Legal, and because it was submitted as an “NDA Review”, it is placed in a queue for the paralegal support review.
  • The Paralegal checks his queue, which is sorted by the date “Needed By”.   This urgent request floats to the top.
  • The document is reviewed, comments are returned to the requestor, and the partnership can move forward!

How many routine requests could be better managed?

Legal document reviews are just one process that could be better managed in policyIQ’s public forms. Consider some of the following:

  • System Access Requests
  • Employee Time Off Requests
  • New System Feature Requests
  • Capital Expenditure Requests
  • Project Approval Requests
  • Proposal Assistance Requests
  • Technology Purchase Requests

You can set up your electronic form in just a few minutes. If you need some logic built into the approval routing, policyIQ rules allows you to determine where the request gets sent based on the inputs.

Want to get started? Contact us today, and we’ll help you get your first electronic form set up for free!  Or join us on Thursday, October 17th for our Feature Focus training session, in which we’ll go over how to utilize Public Forms in policyIQ.