Give Thanks!

It’s that time of year again—a time where we stuff ourselves with delicious foods, fall asleep on the couch, watch football all day and get up at a ridiculous hour to get the best deals on Black Friday! Yes, friends, it’s almost Thanksgiving here in the US.

More importantly, it’s a time when we give thanks for all that we have in our lives. At many dinner tables, friends and family members will go around the room and tell each other what they are thankful for. I thought it would be fun to ask my co-workers what they are most thankful for this year and wanted to share their answers with you!

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“As the newest member of the policyIQ team, I am thankful for the office welcoming me and making me feel like a part of the team from the moment I got here!”

“I am thankful for the fact my girlfriend and I finally found a home and will be moving in soon!”

“I am thankful for great friends, family, and coworkers! I am grateful for good health and I am happy to keep learning new things every day.”

“I am thankful for my amazing support system of friends and family, coffee, my cats, my uniqueness, and my coworkers that, even on tough days, can make me laugh.”

“I am most thankful for a good joke, my wife (don’t know how she puts up with my shenanigans), paydays, health, co-workers that make you feel at home, my family and friends, and sunshine.”

“I am thankful for pets that get along extremely well, particularly Max (dog) and Bandit (ferret), Playstation 4 & Nintendo Switch, good music, weekends, family & friends, good health, and an amazing work environment & team.”

“I am most thankful for my daily Starbucks Trenta black iced coffee; last minute first class upgrades on cross-country flights; technology that allows me to keep in touch with friends around the world; empowered, curious, powerful nieces who unknowingly push me to be a better person; and working with a team and clients who make me want to come into the office every day!”

One of the things that I know all of my colleagues are thankful for, because we talk about it all the time, is having such awesome clients. I’m not kidding! We love the partnerships (and friendships) we’re able to build, and the wonderful feeling that comes from finding a solution that makes the lives of our clients just a little bit easier.

On that note, I’d like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the holiday with the people and things that matter the most!

Please feel free to share with us in the Comments what you are thankful for!

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