Big Data, Business Intelligence, blah, blah, blah…get back to asking the right questions.

I recall when I first heard the term the “cloud”. I went feverishly searching for everything that I could read that would help me to better understand this new technology. I was amused and embarrassed when it occurred to me … Continue reading

policyIQ – Your Project and Process Management Tool

We recently shared tips for project managers and other leaders on developing a strong communication plan and in other posts have discussed how Custom Alerts can be used to notify employees, vendors, and other stakeholders of impending deadlines, deliverables and … Continue reading

Suffering low morale and a disconnect between executives and those doing the work every day?

        Art Weeast has helped a number of organizations to “think beyond the task of documenting policies and procedures to the intelligence of the information that is in those documents.” In other words, think of the value or … Continue reading