policyIQ Users come from Many Industries!

Users know that policyIQ is ultra-flexible, and that explains why so many different clients have purchased our software.


The needs for each and every industry are unique, and vary client to client.  policyIQ offers unmatched flexibility to help meet these requirements, complete with an Account Management and Customer Support team that is ranked at a near perfect satisfaction ranking (2015 survey).

Customize templates to create content that looks familiar to you, and captures information that you’ll want to report on later.  Populate your content, either piece by piece or in bulk from an Excel spreadsheet.  Organize your content into folders, just as you would on a network drive.  Tailor security to give read, write and approve access to your content.  Set up your sites’ users with unique accounts, Dashboards, and other great features.  Before you know it, you’re off and running…and policyIQ immediately makes your life a lot easier!

Not only can policyIQ be the solution for a particular business need, it can also serve a variety of needs within one business.  This means less money spent on multiple software products, and more time making policyIQ your go-to cloud solution for SOX, Audit, Sign-offs, Policy Management, Conflict Minerals Compliance, and many other compliance and certification management processes.

Some long time policyIQ users have even left a position within one industry and repurchased policyIQ when they settle in to another.  Now, that’s flexibility!

If you’ve been considering giving policyIQ a look, contact our team to sign up for a FREE custom demonstration with a member of our Account Management team.  They’ll answer your questions, and determine if policyIQ is the right fit for your needs.  If it looks like a good match, we’ll set you up with a free, no-obligation trial site for 30 days.  Try it for yourself!

New Company, New Controls: policyIQ Handled it All

Any quick look around the marketplace reveals that companies big and small are constantly acquired, bought, sold and merged on a constant basis.  Many of these public companies then have to figure how how their SOX compliance will be affected, and this can put a ton of stress on the audit teams that bear the responsibility of “making compliance happen”.

Fortunately for companies using policyIQ that have purchased or merged with others, the SOX issue goes from, “Can we make this transition in policyIQ, as well?” to “WOW.  That was pretty easy!”

A recent long time policyIQ client acquired a company, and each had their own set of risks and controls.  Ultimately, their goal was to combine these two separate entities into one SOX environment, and easily distinguish between SOX work from Company A and Company B.


Our team and product made this easy.  To begin, we simply added a single-select field on their controls and risks called “Entity”, with options for Company A or B.  By doing so, we created an  easily reportable way of sorting content from one company to another.  This was conducted by an Import to Update (via an Excel document), meaning that much of the work was easily done in a simple spreadsheet offline.  Simple!

All new documentation from Company B was then mass imported into policyIQ a few days later.


Some companies might like this arranged differently, and that makes total sense.  We had discussed using additional folders to distinguish the risks and controls from company to company.  Advantages?  One less field per page, and a more organized folder structure-less content per folder.  Disadvantages?  There are more folders, and some folks like a really simple structure.  A difference in results or reporting?  None!

Do you feel like you should partner with a policyIQ expert to work on your SOX work this year?  Do you have  a couple of ideas you’d  like to run by us?  Send us an email!   Support@policyIQ.com

It’s true! policyIQ is a misfit among typical software providers.

Have you been burned by a software provider?

Sheesh—who hasn’t?!

You worked for months (years for some), listening to promises from several different people who kept handing you off and never addressing your concerns. You found yourself with more time and money invested than you care to admit and you have grown to look at all software providers with skepticism (if not disgust).

Does this sound familiar?

I hear you. Your frustration was echoed by countless people that I spoke with at a national conference in March. Because a number of people felt compelled to share their horror stories about other providers with me, I got comfortable jumping quickly to the things that make us different than the typical software company:

  • All-in-one_BubblesRGP is NOT a software company! Integrity is at the core of our firm. We want to create great relationships and serve you so impressively that, when you need a consultant, you already know the quality that you can expect from us.
  • We don’t have a huge policyIQ booth at conferences and our software does not have the huge price-tag required to pay for that presence (policyIQ starts at <$5k/year).
  • We don’t sell multiple modules or products and aim to upsell you. policyIQ really does accommodate multiple business areas and needs in one affordable tool.
  • Our goal is to solve for your information, content, process, and workflow challenges across the Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) space, not to land a sale.
  • Your sales person does not make commission or hand you off to an implementation team that’s unaware of promises made during the sales process—we walk alongside you the whole way and help to tailor the implementation to your organization’s needs.
  • Our product does what we tell you it does (and we answer truthfully if you ask us about something we don’t do or plan to develop).
  • We have a support team that truly cares to give you excellent and timely service.

We think of our clients as part of our community with whom we will have a long partnership. We listen to your needs, plans, wishes and heartaches and work continuously to problem solve with you.

We’re proud to be a misfit among typical software providers.

pIQ_Misfit_smWe’re ready to prove it and to earn your trust.

We encourage you to take a peek at this introduction to policyIQ, and then reach out to us!  We’d be glad to schedule a personalized tour of policyIQ. Also, we invite you to kick the tires! Sign up for a 30-day trial, completely risk-free.

We look forward to working with you!

Upcoming Training Opportunities from RGP and the policyIQ Team

Ready to learn?  We’re ready to present!  Take a look at our upcoming webinars!  Remember that each session has 1 CPE credit available, so be sure to sign up if you are interested in earning that credit!  We’ll see you then!


policyIQ Training – March 31: Evidence Collection for Audits in policyIQ 

Are you and your audit team spending too much time tracking down and assembling evidence needed to complete audit work? Emails, phone calls and even face to face meetings asking for reports, samples and other information take valuable (and often expensive) time.

In this one hour training event, Travis Heyer, Director of Internal Audit at Great Lakes Dredge and Dock will join policyIQ Managing Director, Chris Burd, to show attendees how to create an evidence collection process directly in policyIQ. Requests are issued, tracked and automatically filed alongside the audit test plans for faster and more efficient audits!


RGP Training – March 24:  Leveraging Contract Lifecycle Management to Support the New Revenue Recognition Standard

The FASB and IASB have released a new Revenue Recognition standard, effective for public companies in 2018.  Though this may seem far away, for companies choosing to restate prior results for comparability, 2016 and 2017 data will need to be presented. This converged standard will impact most companies, public and private, and its implementation will have effects beyond the Finance & Accounting organization. The intent of this webinar is to prepare companies that have limited or highly manual contract management capabilities and/or companies that seek to better support their organization’s finance and accounting function.  The webinar will focus on the process, systems, people and governance elements needed to develop an effective Contract Lifecycle Management capability based on RGP’s differentiated framework. Please note that this is not a technical accounting webinar.


And everything she touched became more efficient. The end.

Once Upon a TimeSounds like a fairy tale, right? The best part of the story is that it is true! Every story has to start somewhere. And, like all great stories, the potential “beginning” for a policyIQ client can look different from one company to the next. The majority of policyIQ stories have started in the areas of compliance or policy management, but some have jumped right into the plot twist from the beginning with a launch in automation of certifications, account reconciliations, or contract management.

Wherever you started, it is simple to take your story in any number of directions and realize more and more efficiency by automating processes that relate to your work. It is as simple as ensuring that you are capturing necessary information in your Page or Form Templates or, in some cases, adding a new Page or Form Template and using links and reports to oversee and analyze relationships from one process to another. Here are some examples of how your story could play out:

  • Add a “Position Responsible” field to a “Procedure” Page Template.  The ability to quickly create a complete Procedure Manual for any position greatly expedites the onboarding process of new employees.
  • Add a new Page Template to keep track of all of your Systems and related critical information such as versions, ownership, contracts/terms, and the like. Create a link from each of your procedures to any of the relevant Systems pages and easily identify all procedures, positions and departments that may be impacted by system changes, upgrades, downtime or retirements.
  • Give your auditors a one-stop shop by keeping the results of your Financial, Operational, Fraud and Enterprise Risk Assessments in policyIQ. You can then capture the identified risks alongside your controls, tests, evidence, issues and remediations.
  • Quarterly review of compliance documentation (Process Narratives, Procedures, Controls) can be made more efficient using Forms. Associate questionnaires with the content, assign to responsible parties, automate reminders and monitor real-time information on who you have heard from and who you have not. You can do all of this while also noting any outliers in the report results that are emailed to you weekly (or on whatever interval you desire).

It’s a little bit like the Field of Dreams story…“if you build it, [they] will come”. Consider all of the different places that you go to search for information or to complete a process or task, then create the opportunity to make the next search more efficient by building it in policyIQ. If you’re not sure where to begin, reach out to us (support@policyIQ.com) and we’ll be happy to co-author or write the introduction to your next best-seller.

True story.