policyIQ 7.8: Saving Clicks – One Rule at a Time

In the GRC world (like most others), time is money.  Finding a tool like policyIQ that keeps your organization’s critical documentation accessible, updated and organized is key.  But even within our own tool, we’re always looking to make our software simpler for users to interact with, and improve the experience for our users.

policyIQ 7.8 (available this summer) will feature Field Rules for the very first time.  Field Rules will allow Administrators to set up behind-the-scenes triggers on user selections of List Fields that change other fields on the same page or form.  For example, Field 1 may have a rule built that electing “Yes” on that field will prompt the following 3 fields to be required.  Or, that same field could have a response of “No” trigger all remaining fields to be skipped (and the user wouldn’t have the option to fill them in).  Alternatively, you could also set up fields to be auto-filled with an answer.

Talk about a game-changer!  A feature like this will likely cause our clients to want to rethink the way they have their templates set up, and what kinds of questions they ask for Controls, Testing, Policies, or and type of sign-off or certification.

Other features Global and User List Fields are going to make our users happy, as well.  Gone are the days of spending lots of time building a List Field only to have to replicate that work throughout in other templates.  Now, Administrators can create a List Field outside of the template area in the Global List Management area.  Once the list is created, access it from any Template!  Think of it as a “shared list”.  Need to make updates to the list?  Make the change in the Global List Management area, and those changes are reflected on all pages new and old – saving a ton of “maintenance” type work.

User Lists are List Fields made up from user accounts in the policyIQ system.  Rather than typing out user names in a list field, select a group in your groups and users tree to make up your List Field options. Done!

Other features will allow you to:

  • Create a page that is pre-linked and indexed to a folder
  • Delete and replace an attachment in one click
  • Use field prompts on Forms and Pages
  • Toggle Linked Field properties on/off
  • Add company logos when printing pages

7.8 is all about saving clicks, increasing productivity, and making the management of content and data easier.

To be first in line for policyIQ 7.8, or to get an early demonstration of how these features will work, contact us at 412-263-3330 to set up some time with a policyIQ expert.

2016 went by fast…here’s some features you may have missed!

As last year came to a close, our policyIQ team was discussing all the new ways customers could now use our product – and we managed to surpass our expectations for the year!  While some features simply add small functionality to the software, policyIQ’s 2016 releases contained HUGE improvements to visually displaying content, content history and increasing content efficiency.  And the great news is that 2017 is looking to perhaps even surpass last year’s features!

Linked Fields

Highly anticipated and incredibly useful, Linked Fields are going to change the way content in displayed in policyIQ forever.  A common need from our user base is to be able to view a Control page, but also see some information from the Risk it is mitigating.  Linked Fields make this a reality!


Insert a Linked Field on your Control Template, and point it to a Risk template field of your choice.  In the example here, I’m just pulling in the field “Risk Description”.  The field is shown and the properties of which are displayed just above the field content.   You can add as many Linked Fields as you’d like!

Because the fields are linked, any changes made to the Risk Page description will be reflected and displayed on the Control Page.  This saves you time, and ultimately ensures that your content is consistent without having to think about it!

Custom Charts and Graphs


Super simple to create, Custom Charts and Graphs can be used to provide oversight to a process within your policyIQ site, project manage, or any other number of uses.  Simply build a new Page Report and choose a chart or graph as the report layout.  That’s it!  When selecting items to display (columns), keep in mind that the top or first item selected will be used as the chart parameter (the way the chart or graph will be divided up).  That’s it!  Save your chart and even add it to your Dashboard for review.

HTML Field History


Users can now have access to the history of their HTML fields in policyIQ.  Upon each save of data within an HTML field, version and change records are kept.  After a history is established, click the blue “History” link button just above the field when viewing a page to view the Field History.

On the right, select a version of the page to view.  Changes made within that version can be toggled on and off using the “Show Markup” toggle in the toolbar at the top.  If at at point you’d like to revert to an old version of the field, select the version to display, and then click “Restore” in the toolbar.  The history window will close, and your HTML field will show the reverted version.

Other Features

There are a whole lot of features that have been added over the last year!

Form Bundle Imports 

This tool allows a user to create their Form Bundles in Excel outside the system, and then import them into policyIQ.  This helps users work offline, and in some cases, much faster.

Sum/Average Report Results 

These rows can be added within the report builder to page detail reports by clicking the checkbox on the report builder screen.  Within the results of a report, two additional rows-sum and average- will be displayed as a calculation of numerical fields across all pages in the results.

Delete Open Forms

Form Administrators will love us for this one.  Those outstanding open forms that you just couldn’t get rid of?  Now you can delete them, and keep your form results perfectly right.


7.6 Release Notes Training Session

A great opportunity for new and old users of policyIQ, our upcoming training session on Tuesday, June 7th at noon Eastern Time will serve as a point of reference for all new updates to our clients’ policyIQ sites.

During the session, our presenters will showcase new features of the product, including the exciting Approval Workflow Management update for Pages and Forms.  Approval Workflow feature the highly-sought ability for users to dictate the path a piece of content takes on its path to approval.

New custom charts and graphs have been added to the Report Builder, allowing users to create policyIQ Pie Charts and Bar Graphs that can be added to users’ Dashboards for easy visual convenience.

Security has also been simplified, with the removal of outdated and unnecessary features which, while were once imperative to the product, are now unnecessary.  In this case, less is more!

Accessing policyIQ from mobile devices will look a lot different, as our mobile experience has been revamped.  In addition to the modern, clean look, the mobile application now allows users to respond (fill out/edit) forms to which they have been assigned.  policyIQ Forms “on-the-go”!

We’ll also cover other aspects of the Release Notes, such as updates on browser information and other information–you won’t want to miss it!

Click here to sign up today!

7.6 is here! Learn the details in an upcoming Release Notes training session!

Join us for our upcoming training session where we’ll review the Release Notes of the latest version of policyIQ, 7.6.  

Click the link and select “Register” to sign up for the session.  During this time, we’ll review all new features of policyIQ, and discuss the best practices around using them.  Our team is super excited to announce the development of a complete Approval Workflow for 7.6, which allows users to set up, edit an apply a step-by-step process for approving content in the site.  These workflows dictate the path a document takes during it approval process, and includes step to step email and dashboard communication.

We’ve also developed new Charts and Graphs for dashboards, giving an executive look to users desiring a visual way of displaying certain aspects of their content.

Security has been simplified in certain areas of the application, with the removal of older and outdated page security technology.  Content can now have its security edited in a couple quick clicks of the mouse, with fewer, more simplified options. As we often find in the technology world, and certainly in the case of policyIQ security, less is often more.

Be sure to join us for this demonstration of our new features!  Contact our support team at Support@policyIQ.com with any questions!

Look for policyIQ Mobile Improvements in 7.6

Users looking for an improvement in policyIQ mobile technology should be excited to learn that version 7.6 will feature the ability to respond to forms. Complete with a brand new skin and home buttons, the mobile user interface will be a welcome sight to users working on cell phones, iPads, and other mobile devices.


To access the policyIQ mobile application, simply log into your policyIQ site from a mobile device.  The software will detect that you’re entering the site from a mobile device, and switch you to the mobile interface.

Immediately, you’ll see the updated skin and interface of the mobile application.  The big news and newest mobile feature is that users can now fill out and respond to forms, as seen below.


When your site is upgraded to 7.6, be sure to check out the new mobile application!

Introducing the policyIQ Reader!

policyIQ has long provided read-only access to content that exceeds the capabilities of many other products. Not only are organizations able to provide read-only access to content, but you are also able to tailor that access to specific content for various audiences (rather than all/nothing, site-wide read-only access, as some other products icing on the cakedo). Here’s the icing on the cake…

Read-only Access is FREE.

An organization can set up as many read-only access accounts or users as you’d like at no charge. Just imagine the possibilities!

  • Employee Handbook
  • Corporate Policies
  • Policies and Procedures by Region, Location, Service Line, or Division of Business
  • External Auditor View
  • Compliance View
  • Public, Customer, Vendor, Partner or Student View

The sky’s the limit, really!

Now, policyIQ also has a new viewing option for those read-only access accounts:

policyIQ Reader

The policyIQ Reader allows a very light weight presentation of the content that you have chosen to share with any specific audience and it simplifies the reader’s view and access to the content. With the recent release of the 7.5.2 patch, your Read-only Access accounts now have two links provided at the bottom of the profile window: the traditional pass-thru link and a new policyIQ Reader link.

Reader Link

Just as you have in the past, you may place this link behind a shortcut on your intranet or internet sites and voila—it’s that easy!

If you would like to question-storm possible applications of free read-only access, we love that sort of thing and look forward to setting some time aside with you. Reach out to us! Support@policyIQ.com.

Talk to you soon and happy daydreaming about all of the things that you could manage more efficiently in one centrally accessible platform with governance, reporting, questionnaires, audit trail, managed workflow and more, right “out of the box”!

Time and Expense Reporting – What do you need to know about your projects?

Copyright: pratyaksa / 123RF Stock Photo

policyIQ version 7.4 first introduced the Time and Expense reporting features.  Teams can now track projects and tasks, and enter the hours and dollars that are spent on any task.  Project managers can track their budget against actuals, and assign tasks to users.

After releasing 7.4, we listened to our clients’ feedback.  While the data around projects was being tracked, some questions about that information weren’t easily answered. With policyIQ version 7.5, the T&E tracking has been further enhanced with more reporting options to answer those questions.

Project progress details at your fingertips!

With these new reporting options, you can have progress details on your projects available at your fingertips.  Reporting options include…

  • Project Detail
  • Task Detail
  • Time/Expense Detail

By selecting the option that you want to focus on, you choose the level of detail that you’ll be drilling down into.  Time/Expense Detail report types, for example, will bring up results listing individual time or expense records that meet your filter criteria.

Take a quick look at some of these possible reports – and consider how YOU might benefit from managing projects in policyIQ!

  • All Open (Incomplete) Tasks related to Audit Testing
    • Task Detail Report Type
    • Filters would include:
      • Properties = Not Completed
      • Links to Templates = Audit Test
  • Budget vs Actuals Comparison of 2015 Projects
    • Project Detail Report Type
    • Filters would include:
      • Dates between 01/01/2015 – 12/31/2015 (or filtered by Category if categorized by year)
    • Columns would include:
      • Estimated Hours
      • Actual Hours
      • Estimated Cost
      • Actual Cost
  • My Hours So Far This Year
    • Time/Expense Detail Report
    • Filters would include:
      • Assigned To (Me)
      • Submitted after 01/01/2015


If you haven’t yet explored the Time and Expense features of policyIQ, drop us an email and we’d be happy to connect and discuss further!  Or join our upcoming policyIQ Q&A sessions via live webinar

NEW! policyIQ On-Demand Training Page

How great is this?  A clean, revamped on-demand training page is now available for policyIQ users!  videos

We’ve recently taken a new look at on-demand training for our policyIQ users.  Instead of longer videos that take up a lot of time, we’ve decided to create quick, to-the-point functionality videos that highlight many of the “how-to’s” that our customers want and need to know. Additional videos will be regularly added, creating a comprehensive and fully visual training experience.

We also have many of our “Solution-focused” videos available, and they dive more deeply into how policyIQ is best used for differing business solutions.  Some may visually feature older versions of policyIQ, their concepts remain largely the same.


With policyIQ 7.4 being released over the next month, it might be worthwhile to check out  two videos that highlight this release:  Time & Expense, and Import to Update.

Import to Update:  A great new tool for clients that want or need the option to make updates to existing pages in policyIQ:  all while working offline!  That’s right- users can now updates hundreds of pages of data while they are traveling, lack an internet signal, or maybe just don’t want to have their browser open!  Work with your raw data in Excel. Then, with the click of a mouse, import the data to update your pages!

Time & Expense:   A brand-new module in policyIQ, Time & Expense tracking allows audit managers to track the expenses and time of their auditors on various projects and tasks. Still in its infancy, Time & Expense tracking then offers total estimated and actual hours and costs.  Additional reporting capabilities are already in development for our next policyIQ release.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out for an additional, customized training session with a policyIQ Account Manager.  Just click the link on our Training Page!


Each of these features represent huge changes to the way clients use policyIQ, and you can see for yourself how easy it is to make the most of these updates!  So, jump over to the policyIQ Training Page, and see for yourself!

Have an idea for a video that isn’t in our library?  Let us know!

Time and Expense Tracking, Support for Offline Work, Scheduled Reports and more in version 7.4!

The policyIQ team is incredibly excited to announce the release of version 7.4! The first wave of client upgrades will be taking place on February 1st and we can’t wait to get your feedback.

Version 7.4 just might be the best collection of new features to date, with entirely new areas of functionality, huge improvements in the functionality you use every day, and small adjustments to make your life easier.

Here are some highlights:

  • Time and Expense Tracking

Audit and project managers will love this new feature that allows you to establish a project, assign tasks, and keep track of the time and expenses associated with the work. Know immediately when tasks are overdue or your project is over budget.  (Check out this short 6 minute video to show you this amazing new feature!)


  • Keep the Last Published Version Available While Editing

Particularly helpful for clients utilizing policyIQ for Policy Management, you can now keep the last version available while you edit and get approvals on your updates.

  • Schedule Reports to be Sent to Email

Can we automate reports to be run and sent out on a weekly or monthly basis?” YES!  You can schedule any report and have the results sent to any number of email addresses or policyIQ users.

  • Update Content via Import from Excel, Allowing Offline Work

We know that sometimes you have users who need to work on something offline – or need to be able to make massive changes quickly. policyIQ has always allowed you to export your data into Microsoft Excel format, and now you can re-import that data after making your changes. Work from the airplane and update your content when you land!

  • So. Much. More.

Read our Release Notes and Participate in Live Webinar Training!

74releasenotesThere are more features and more detail provided in our policyIQ version 7.4 Release Notes. We are also offering a live webinar to review all of the new features on Thursday, February 5th at Noon ET / 9 AM PT.  Register for the webinar today!  (Feel free to check out the recording of the webinar from February 5th, 2015.)

If you already know that you want to be included in the first wave of client upgrades, let us know! We do intend to upgrade all clients by the end of February.