Give Thanks!

It’s that time of year again—a time where we stuff ourselves with delicious foods, fall asleep on the couch, watch football all day and get up at a ridiculous hour to get the best deals on Black Friday! Yes, friends, it’s almost Thanksgiving here in the US.

More importantly, it’s a time when we give thanks for all that we have in our lives. At many dinner tables, friends and family members will go around the room and tell each other what they are thankful for. I thought it would be fun to ask my co-workers what they are most thankful for this year and wanted to share their answers with you!

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“As the newest member of the policyIQ team, I am thankful for the office welcoming me and making me feel like a part of the team from the moment I got here!”

“I am thankful for the fact my girlfriend and I finally found a home and will be moving in soon!”

“I am thankful for great friends, family, and coworkers! I am grateful for good health and I am happy to keep learning new things every day.”

“I am thankful for my amazing support system of friends and family, coffee, my cats, my uniqueness, and my coworkers that, even on tough days, can make me laugh.”

“I am most thankful for a good joke, my wife (don’t know how she puts up with my shenanigans), paydays, health, co-workers that make you feel at home, my family and friends, and sunshine.”

“I am thankful for pets that get along extremely well, particularly Max (dog) and Bandit (ferret), Playstation 4 & Nintendo Switch, good music, weekends, family & friends, good health, and an amazing work environment & team.”

“I am most thankful for my daily Starbucks Trenta black iced coffee; last minute first class upgrades on cross-country flights; technology that allows me to keep in touch with friends around the world; empowered, curious, powerful nieces who unknowingly push me to be a better person; and working with a team and clients who make me want to come into the office every day!”

One of the things that I know all of my colleagues are thankful for, because we talk about it all the time, is having such awesome clients. I’m not kidding! We love the partnerships (and friendships) we’re able to build, and the wonderful feeling that comes from finding a solution that makes the lives of our clients just a little bit easier.

On that note, I’d like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the holiday with the people and things that matter the most!

Please feel free to share with us in the Comments what you are thankful for!

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Request, Route, Approve, Complete: Simplify any request process with policyIQ


How many times a day does an email similar to the one above land in the inbox of someone you work with? Or maybe even your own.  How often do they fall through the cracks?  Often these simple requests are a critical part of the control environment, but the routing and tracking of the requests is not truly controlled.  Lost or delayed requests for critical processes, such as the legal document review above, can mean lost opportunities or compliance violations.

policyIQ can help – and you can start today.

Even those who are familiar with policyIQ’s electronic forms are sometimes unaware that these forms don’t have to be assigned to users. policyIQ forms can be used to allow an employee to initiate a request at any time.  (We refer to this as “Public Forms”, but you decide which employees actually have access to the forms.)

In the example above, the process might look something like this:

  • Sales Manager submits a Legal Document Review request via policyIQ.
  • Request gets routed directly to Legal, and because it was submitted as an “NDA Review”, it is placed in a queue for the paralegal support review.
  • The Paralegal checks his queue, which is sorted by the date “Needed By”.   This urgent request floats to the top.
  • The document is reviewed, comments are returned to the requestor, and the partnership can move forward!

How many routine requests could be better managed?

Legal document reviews are just one process that could be better managed in policyIQ’s public forms. Consider some of the following:

  • System Access Requests
  • Employee Time Off Requests
  • New System Feature Requests
  • Capital Expenditure Requests
  • Project Approval Requests
  • Proposal Assistance Requests
  • Technology Purchase Requests

You can set up your electronic form in just a few minutes. If you need some logic built into the approval routing, policyIQ rules allows you to determine where the request gets sent based on the inputs.

Want to get started? Contact us today, and we’ll help you get your first electronic form set up for free!  Or join us on Thursday, October 17th for our Feature Focus training session, in which we’ll go over how to utilize Public Forms in policyIQ.

IT Security Regulations, Frameworks, and policyIQ

Organizations all over the globe follow information technology and data security guidelines to meet regulatory requirements, improve processes, strengthen security, and achieve other business objectives.

These IT security frameworks give us a common language that can be used by:

  • Internal stakeholders to evaluate controls in place within their own organization.
  • External auditors to evaluate and attest to controls in place within an organization.
  • Third parties (potential customers, investors, etc.) to evaluate the potential risks of partnering with an organization.

Because information technology impacts every area within an organization, it only makes sense that IT compliance is a process that needs constant attention and monitoring. Choosing a framework, following a set ofIT.jpg standards, and having a comprehensive internal controls monitoring program in place help organizations meet the needs of their various stakeholders.

We recently took a deep dive into regulations and frameworks that impact IT security, in our July training session, IT Security Compliance in policyIQ.

Some questions addressed in our training were:

  • What is the difference between regulations and frameworks?
  • What are some of the most common regulations impacting IT security? What are some of the most common frameworks?
  • Where can I access IT security frameworks?
  • How can policyIQ help to manage the IT compliance program?

We invite you to listen for yourself and to reach out to us today to see how policyIQ could benefit your organization with IT compliance!

Happy Memorial Day!

Wishing a beautiful Memorial Day weekend to all the friends of the policyIQ community! While we remember and honor those who have fallen in service to our country, we also thank those veterans and active service members for all that you have and continue to do for us.

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The policyIQ Team

First Impressions from the 2018 GAM Conference

After three days filled with auditors, firms, software vendors and everything in between,  the 2018 GAM was a special blend of thought leaders from around the globe.  Some of the brightest minds in the industry were on hand to provide insight and perspective on all things audit – with a few areas sticking out to all of those in attendance.

AI – Artificial Intelligence/Robotics

For the second time in as many years, Artificial Intelligence was a topic impossible to avoid – much like its expected impact on the industry’s future.  While many speakers touched on the impact it has had in test environments and early adopters, a common trend was something that wasn’t immediately expected – fear!  Most attendees are auditors themselves, or lead audit teams in a Chief/Director of Audit role.  The implementation of AI and Robotic systems will ultimately lead to the decrease in demand for audit work hours, and surely, auditors themselves.  As the thought of audit team size shrinking in coming years looking like a sure thing, a few speakers provided some comfort and reassurance to those in attendance.

In short, automated systems like AI and Robotics are going to be great for taking repetitive, manual tasks out of human hands.  However, these systems will need to be observed and checked for accuracy a LOT early on.  Furthermore, the systems themselves are a source for additional auditing needs – creating additional work for perhaps smaller audit teams in the future.  Finally, a few of the Chief Audit Officers in attendance are expecting that, while the repetitive parts of the audit team jobs may move to automated systems, their newly found “free time” won’t necessarily translate to job loss or going home early!  In face, these executives plan to challenge their teams to spend their newly freed up time into areas that are maybe not investigated as thoroughly as they should be – providing a more complete audit of the business, aided in part by AI.


Another hot trend continues to be the need for analytics, and finding the appropriate ways to use graphical representations of data.  As more and more companies seek software packages to provide documentation sharing, workflow and reporting capabilities, the visual representation of this data becomes even more critical.  Executive teams don’t wish to look through numbers and decipher data – instead, graphics provide a high level overview of the audit and quickly show where gaps may be, tests have failed, or any other arrangement of data.

Agile – EVERYONE Needs to be!

On more than one occasion, attendees pointed out that their small audit team was “too small to be agile”, and could invest time/effort into becoming more agile.   This is exactly the reason why you’d want to be more agile!  Small audit teams particularly don’t have the luxury of moving work from one group to another.  In fact, many auditors work long hours and are overworked during “crunch time”.  Investing time in automating as many processes as possible and improving communication will greatly improve agility and reduce the overload of work that many teams feel.

Stay tuned for more information from the 2018 General Audit Management Conference, trends, analysis, and what we can look forward to next year!

2018 GAM Conference – policyIQ will be in Las Vegas!

policyIQ Product Manager Travis Whalen will be representing policyIQ at the 2018 GAM (General Audit Management) Conference on March 12-14 at the Aria in Las Vegas!  Come by the RGP booth to learn more about RGP’s premier consultation services, professional service lines,  and areas of expertise – all across the globe.

In addition, Travis will be on hand representing policyIQ – RGP’s SaaS (software as a service) for many areas of the Governance, Risk and Compliance world.  Stop by to learn about our highly customizable software solutions for organizations large and small, public and private, including:


Stop by the RGP booth to say hi to Travis, learn about RGP, and take a peak at policyIQ!  We hope to see you there.


policyIQ 7.9 is all about YOU!

With policyIQ 7.9 just around the corner, customers have been asking, “What’s next?”  The answers are exciting, and a welcome sight as they enhance current policyIQ features and provide increased flexibility moving, and a better user experience that saves time and clicks moving forward.

Many clients have sought a way for their users to access critical business information – faster than we have before.  Common questions have centered around their users’ folders – “How can my users get to THEIR content faster and with less clicks?”  The answer comes in the form of Favorite Folders in policyIQ 7.9.  Each user’s account will be able to mark any number of folders in the structure as favorites, and access them from a separate, smaller structure – making the process of accessing their relevant  content easier than ever.

With the addition of Field Rules and Calculations in policyIQ in version 7 releases, double checking the proper application of these properties is imperative – especially with several of each going on at once.  The Page Template preview window will now operate much like a “test page” of sorts – with Rules and Calculations each operating within the template preview window.  Historically, a user would need to create a few actual pages to test out the application of their rules/calculations.  This can now all be done in preview, requiring less steps to ensure your work has been added how you like.

Have a field on one template that you want to use on another?  Getting this set up has never been easier.  Fields can now be copied from one template to another with just a few flicks of the mouse!  Easier maintenance, and much faster work.

And finally, policyIQ will introduce a new HTML editor for long text field on pages and forms!  Complete with a new pasting option, the enhanced editor is a simpler and easier to work with HTML editor.  The new pasting option is specifically designed to aid users that copy content from Microsoft Word and paste directly into policyIQ HTML fields.  This copy feature is built with code that targets, reads, and aligns the formatting challenges that many web HTML editors face when having content from another program pasted into them.  Formatting is copied over to the editor with near perfect results, regardless of where the content comes from!

We also have developed several smaller additions that will help administrators clean up their sites, including a fast way to strip file attachments, copy pages and so much more!

There’s a lot to look forward to in policyIQ 7.9.  Please send us your questions, comments and you’ll be hearing from us very soon.

Lesson’s Learned from a Policy Management Software Implementation

Last week, the policyIQ team hosted our quarterly “Introduction to policyIQ” class–this one focused on a full scale policy management solution.  While many aspects of the presentation are typical of any policyIQ Solution, there are a few that lend themselves to the policy management world.

  • Importing of documentation – saves a ton of time and manual entry of policies.  All policies can be created and set up in an Excel spreadsheet, and importing into policyIQ in just minutes.  In addition to populating many of the content fields (policy owner, reference number, summary statement, etc.), many aspects of workflow, folder indexing, and security can dictated, as well.
  • Setup of policy sign-offs – automated email reminders and follow-up. Once the policy sign-offs have been issued out to your organization, it is a huge benefit to have policyIQ automate regular email follow-ups to users with sign-offs that have not been submitted.  Gone are the days of hunting down employees via email or phone calls – policyIQ does this for you!
  • Response filtering – find the important information quickly.  Sort through hundreds or even thousands of policy sign-off responses in seconds by looking for the outliers, and taking critical action on those items: follow-up, meetings or clarifications.

These, among many others, offer a some great benefits to checking out policyIQ for your Policy Management needs.  However, every organization’s needs are different – which makes policyIQ an ideal solution.  It’s easily configurable!  Let’s meet via the phone or webcast to discuss if policyIQ can be configured to meet your needs.

A recording of this demonstration is available here. 

To learn more about the complete policyIQ Policy Management solution, visit our website.